Code: 0x80070424 while trying to reinstall MSFS2020

I had the issue, that starting windows gamepass related games redirected me to GameService in the Windows Store, which was installed and updated.
Then I made the error, trying to reinstall MSFS2020. It won’t start the download anymore, like for every game in the store, that isn’t for free at all.

It results in Code: 0x80070424

Meanwhile at least I can play the other games again, which I didn’t deinstall. I am mad about the fact, that I think, using the sim would have been able, too. But as I mentioned, it won’t let me download it anymore.

Any suggestions? Used google allready and had a look into the topics about similar problems. That’s why I at least could start the other games again. But I haven’t found any thread about the download issues.

Did you try the integrated troubleshooter for Store apps?
This code is related to missing services.

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yes, I did, I’ve even did that PowerShell reinstall. That worked so far, that I can play allready installed games again. But it still isn’t possible to install new ones. Except the Free2Play games. That’s curious.

I had a similar problem since last week and tried all the proposed approaches: using powershell, dism and wsreset. And I don’t know how often… After more digging into the problem, I found out that the problem was related to the Appx database StateRepository-Machine.srd. Even after uninstallation, the FS package was shown as an installed package, and thus the store refused to re-install it.
So, to remove the wrong entry in the db, I tried the following instruction:
Repair APPX can be removed or reinstalled · GitHub
But since 20H2, MS added additional triggers to the database, which have to be dropped and added again after removing the wrong package.
Now, the store installs MSFS again :grinning:
But be carefull and try it at your own risk! You are changing things on the lowest level and you can easily breake your Windows installation. So, a backup might be a very good advise. Hope that helps.

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I am having the same problem tried most of the hints but no luck yet so cannot play the game for now.