Coherent GT and Performance decreasing during flight


I have exactly the same problem with Low performance like you described. Below is a little more info about the problem which I found during testing but they appear only on A32NX aircraft.
During outside view everything is normal (good FPS, GPU load between 90 - 100), when I changed on Cabin View, FPS dropped due to CoherentGTUIThread limitation and GPU load was decrease to 60 - 70.

I have installed A32NX 0.7.3 the latest DEV version and a problem with low FPS due to CoherentGTUIThread limitation. During T/O the value of the CoherentGTUIThread increase on 45ms (MainThread=20, GPU=18) and this is the reason that I have FPS below 30.

The value of the CoherentGTUIThread is changed during the different phase:

  • On Cockpit Dark and Cold is 15ms
  • After Engine start is appr. 30ms
  • During Take-Off is 45ms

Another think is that the GPU Load is at the beginning (DARK and COLD) 90% and than dropped to 60% - 70%. CPU load is between 40% - 50%.

On all other Aircrafts CoherentGTUIThread is normal and have not impact on FPS and GPU loads is 100%.

I use 1920 x 1080 on DX11, more or less HIGH END settings on notebook Asus G752VS with i7-7820HK, GTX1070 (8Gb) and 32Gb.

Nvidia driver 496.98.

I havent looked in to this, but it triggered me to learn to know more of it. And although i have not read carefully this site it seems that there is a lot to find here to the subject of matter.
Maybe here you can find answers related to CoherentGTDraw and understanding how it is related to the sim and Java script.
I do not know if or how it is related to the importance of updating Java
But there is plenty .js files
First i would change aircraft if it solve the problem than it might be the issue bad je file or with program related error or value issue or so
After iwould restart the sim with the start of the same flight but again with the other airplane egt not the same as which the problems started. It is also important to restart the sim to reset all.
It will be a long way but troubleshoot is what most of us do in search of smooth sim experience.

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Hello, problem resolved for me :grinning:

Decreasing performance playing !SOLUTION! - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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I will check Better in the next days

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Totally no!
That’s a workaround, not a solution.