Colour appears washed out in-game following Update 5

After installing Update 5, I noticed that the colour in-game seems to be washed out. I do not have HDR enabled in-game and in Windows. Has anyone been dealing with the same issue?



The clouds on the world map no longer appear white anymore too.

What it should look like:

Specs for reference
Ryzen 7 2700X Processor

Can confirm, am seeing the same thing after Update 5.

weirdly, just switching graphics settings/presets resolved it for me, hasn’t come back.

I have the same issue, looks washed out just like you guys if I have the AA set to FXAA or DLAA but it looks normal if it’s switched to TAA.

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Yep, same, as long as it’s using temporal AA it’s fine, everything else causes it to be washed out.