Comanche Night - Friday, Feb 9th 9ET/6PT/02Z - Preflight, VFR, IFR, and more!

Flyday Night - Friday, February 9th, 2024

Comanche Night!

NOTE: Stream will start earlier than usual, see times below

Tonight we will take the latest version of the A2A Comanche out for a spin as we welcome those who can now use it on Xbox!

The stream will start at 9:00et/6:00pt/02z and consist of four parts:

  • Part 1 (60-90mins): Preflight. We will do our normal Friday night routine and briefly discuss a couple safety incidents that occurred in the previous week. Then we will take a look at current weather, with tonight’s focus being inversion layers and skew-t charts. Once we decide where we will fly tonight, we will crack open the Comanche POH and do some preflight performance planning based on the current weather.

  • Part 2 (30-45 mins) VFR pattern work and some maneuvers in the Comanche. This will be open to all to fly along - US East server, and I will also be on VATSIM.

  • Part 3 (45-60 mins) a short VFR cross country in the Comanche. We’ll use a target of 45-60 minutes.

  • Part 4 (45-90mins): IFR approaches. We will find where there is some weather and shoot at least one VOR and one NDB approach, more if time allows. Also on VATSIM.

All are welcome to fly along, chat, or just lurk.

See you tonight!