Combination airports for seaplane and hard surface ops?

Does anyone know of any “combination” airports that allow both seaplane and hard surface ops? IRL there is KDYT in Minnesota but i’m not sure if there are places to “park” seaplanes.
Just as in older versions of FS there are only runways at seaplane bases and no places to park, or even fuel up for that matter.
Any information or ideas are greatly appreciated.

I can’t look in the sim right now to verify if they’re actually there, but there is a seaplane base on Lake Hood right next to Stevens airport, Anchorage AK.

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I’ll also add that Honolulu (PHNL) has both water runways and hard surface runways.

Also curious, and started a similar topic:

There are reports of docks, but I can’t confirm a single one. There’s even a dock in a splash screen! But no one identified the place, yet, in the other threads.


On PC, there are definitely addons, but me personally, I’m on Xbox.