[Coming Soon] Simpunk Lift Aircraft Hexa - VTOL Drone

This one could be fun as a VR sightseeing tool.

I wonder who will be the first to complain about inaccurate engine sounds. :wink:

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I hope it will have a white livery as well, as it’s shown on their official website.

Has anyone bought and tried this Hexa drone? It looks like fun, but at the price, I would like to see some reviews first. I can only see the official Orbx video on Youtube at the moment. I’m interested in seeing more of a first person look from the cockpit while flying around rather than outside shots of it flying around buildings.

Same here, at that price any review would be helpful.

I bought the Lift Hexa and have not regretted it. When the throttle is in the middle, you are simply in hovering mode. In this position, you can fly in different directions with the joystick and the altitude is maintained. If you want to climb higher, you have to increase the throttle axis and decrease it to descend. If you then return to the center position, the Hexa will hold the altitude again. The VTOL is well suited for sightseeing. There is also a non-real turbo mode so that you can get up to speed. Unfortunately, there is currently only one livery. I hope there will be some more. Visually it is well done, including the pilot.
I can only recommend this video so that you fully understand the concept.
Real Lift Hexa

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What do you think about the price? $21 seems way, way overpriced to me considering that the Shrike F-86 has a much more extensive visual model, flight model and system depth, yet costs even less.

For these reasons, the price should be closer to 15 euros.
In my case, it was around 25 euros. But as I’ve already flown with it for a while and I enjoy it, I compare it to the cost of going to a restaurant once. And then I think it’s fine. But everyone has to decide that for themselves.

Agree. Totally overpriced. This thing appears to be extremely simple in most regards. 10,- would be my max for something that basically can fly itself and needs no system depth.

The Astro One by GotFriends is a far fairer deal.

I’m having trouble with those strange comparisons. I think a comparison needs to be made with something that is actually comparable. And especially in MSFS a certain price structure for value for money in terms has developed concerning aspects from visuals, flight model acuracy to complexity of the aircraft (systems).

And in my opinion this is a definite low tier model and shouldn’t cost the same the Shrike F-86 or the Carenado C182RG.

But as you said: everyone has to decide by themselves what it’s worth to them.

Here is another video from the developers with cockpit views:

And here is a detailed video from Burstix: