Command for half strength braking

Right now, braking on joysticks is either no braking or full braking. Full braking is too strong in most cases and being able to brake at half strength would be useful.

Is there a fix for this. Or a setting that we can change?

I also use a joystick for braking, and it seems to be quite hard when used and I end up getting hot breaks when landed.

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I am a simmer who has never taken the time to buy rudder pedals, therefore have never had toe brakes. I have to use the single button gradual braking which IMO is not the best. It hardly allows for any control at all. A different sim on the market has a separate control option for light braking and full braking, it makes taxing and parking much easier when you can use a light brake setting, but that is currently not possible in the sim.

On which sim except x-plane can you choose between normal and max braking?

Xplane is what I was talking about.

Ok, I see that you have edited your OP.

Would no one else find this useful?? I’m the only one who has to rely on a single axis for braking in sim??

Repeatedly tap your braking key. You will note that a short duration press of the braking key is your half brake pressure. Holding the key does a half brake pressure for a very, very short duration prior to go full on brakes.

Therefore, tapping the key repeatedly will always net you a half brake press.

Try it.

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I appreciate the suggestion, I use this method now and always have with fs2020, but it’s clunky and not at user friendly like having a button control option in xplane.

Not only that, the delay when hitting the brakes is way too much. In real life brakes respond almost instantly.

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Are you talking about on the keyboard?