Community Folder a mess with all that addons inside

Aha…that nesting is what i was looking for.So it’s a NO GO then…■■■■ !

Noted.Thank you

That seems the best solution

I use MSFS Add Ons Linker. It puts simple shortcuts only in the Community folder. You change the folders, add the files, refresh and it takes care of the rest. Take a tick out of an item, put one in somewhere else, refresh the linker program and it’s done. No searching, no missing files out. Easy and I have short term memory problems and confusion due to meds but it still does the business for me and is easy to use and follow.

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Guys,i want to thank you all who participated in my questions.
I indeed just managed all my files with the MFS Add Ons Linker and it is an absolute marvel !
Now i know that i can download various sceneries from all over the world and have no worries on where is what and also not loading heavy on the sim.

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Just got Package Manager.
Best thing I’ve done so far I think.

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