Community Folder a mess with all that addons inside

Hello guys.
3 questions from me.

1 Is there anything that can organize all those lovely addons we have in our community folder ? example (communnity-liveries / community-airports etc) instead of being all hanging in there?

2 Can i do that myself while the game will still be able to recognize them as they were or they won’t be readable anymore ?

3 Can i rename the OUTside folders of each addon and still be valid by the sim ? example (an airport is called LGATH.If i rename the folder to Airport Athens,whithout touching the inside files,will it be ok or it won’t be valid and readable ? )

Thanks in advance.

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There are some good mod managers available. I use this one: GitHub - NathanVaughn/msfs-mod-manager: An external mod manager for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Try MSFS-AddonsLinker (or one of the others! There a few). Once you get around to understanding the logic in the program, it works very well. No need to erase and re-install add-ons, you can “turn off” add-ons to see if one of them is a problem. You can enable only the sceneries, aircraft, and airports you need for a flight.
See also the post just above this one!


I rename all my downloads to make sense to me. I use the airport ICAO code and name. for example. AP-EGHA Compton Abbas.

Similar idea for other items, total mess otherwise.

There are some freeware programs that can manage downloads too.


You can also rename the folders in the add-on manager without corrupting the contents. I have three versions of A320NX and just ensure that I only have one of them active at a time.


I use MSFS Addon Manager - you can organise things however you want using the normal folder/sub-folder system and, as long as you don’t touch any of the files inside, you can rename them however you want. It takes a few minutes to set up (there is a vid of how it’s done) but once done it’s very logical.

You can also setup presets so you can keep basic setups and not have to add items individually.

It also makes emptying the C/F before, say, an update simplicity.

The addon manager will only load what you want into the sim, saving lots of loading time. However you must do this before you start as changing the Community Folder (which is what the addon manager does) in-game can have some unwanted effects. Not the deveopers fault, it’s just how the sim works.


Thank you all for the answers.I think i’ll pass on the manager thing cause i read also some side effects and i don’t want that.

What’s more important to me is the answer to this question.Can i make myself,subfolders inside the community folder,organizing the addons without making them unreadable by the sim?

i kinda want that only.Being able me myslef and I to rename and organize my files.So…is this possible?

Hi, what side effects are you referring to with MSFS Addon Manager? I haven’t had any issues with it, and am curious about it.

some say that some mods are not loaded etc. I am not into diving to such things now (searching what’s missing etc)

Ok, thanks. FWIW, I’ve had zero issues with it, after using it for months, with a lot of mods.
Hope you find a solution you like.

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You can rename each individual folder in community to whatever you want, but you can’t nest those folders into other folders. Each add-on must be directly under community.

I did rename the mods with no issues. But after that it was really difficult to update them without having duplicates by accident.

I moved them back and forth between the community folder and storage. Too much work.

Then I started to use AddonLinker and never looked back. Trust me, that is the way to go!

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I keep all my mods on a separate hard drive and use MSFS_Addons_Linker to control them MSFS Addons Linker • Microsoft Flight Simulator

Everything is organised into categories and sub folders. Never had an issue with addons not loading and I agree, having all your addons unorganised in the MSFSPackages Community folder would be a nightmare.

No. You cannot make subfolders to organise it. Then they wont load properly.

And the mod manager I use has 0.0 side effects.

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If you use something like MSFS Addons Linker that creates Symlinks of your contents in the Community Folder you can have subfolders in the actual location that you stire the mods.

So while the Community folder may be a bit of a mess the actual folders you work with can be as well organised as you like.

Correct. I was answering the question without any mod manager, as the OP apparently is a bit reluctant to use one :wink:

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Sorry, I misread you. My apologies :frowning:

Like you haven’t seen any issues with Mod Managers not loading files and I wouldn’t want to be working with mods without something like MS Addons Linker now.

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No need to apologize! I guess we’re on the same page when it comes to mod managers :wink:

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Some add ons bring their own app to make sure they do not disturb one another, e.g. concerning one plane or ,like I have, the 4 seasons addon by bijanstudio. As ther is only one season at a time, you can choose the season with one click. But of course it will remain difficult to have an overview over all the mods you are using.

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