Community Folder organisation

When you get third party add-ons, from, say - Can you arrange your Community folder into Community/Scenary, Community/Utilities, Community/GA Aircraft, Community/Commercial Aircraft etc?

Or do you need to use the root of Community?

At least with Addons linker (the one I use) you can.

I second that, addon linker is a good product to organize community addons

That looks perfect! I’ll go with that, thanks. Any idea how it copes with the Orbx client that handles scenary?

Addons linker is free. You just have to try and you’ll get your answer :wink:

Addons Linker is also great when upgrades like SU5 occur. Simply clear the links that Addons Linker creates in the Community folder and the folder is then empty for the upgrade. It then just takes a few clicks to re-establish the links and all the add on content is visible again to FS2020. Individual add ons can be loaded one at a time in case of the need to troubleshoot for CTD’s.

Thanks all… Using this now. Marvelous tool. Thanks.

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