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I saw a very responsive development of free and payware addons from independent developers and its a very good news.

However all of them must be install in the same folder see Community. Can you allow the possibility to install these addons in sub-folder as aircraft, scenery, liveries, etc. ? I’m afraid that after a while we won’t find our way around in this folder…

Merci to continue to make a good job cousin :wink:

Pierre CYUL

What do you mean ?

I agree. Right now it doesn’t allow subfolders from what I can see.

I’d like to see a structure like

community\Aircraft\Textures\asobo_A320Neo[Variation Name]
community\Scenery\Airports[Scenery Name]

It is better to start now with this stuff, because it will be a lot harder to implement later. Add on install paths will be all over the place like you have in P3D.

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In my opinion the ideal solution is that users can create their own folders according to their choice in the Community folder. The application on loading could with a simple scan search for the addons when loading MSFS2020. Being a java / C ++ developers before my retirement it shouldn’t be that complicated.

Asobo’s approach has made adding new addons a lot easier and it’s a really good improvement compared to adding airplane scenes and textures when compared to FSX and P3D. But maybe it’s a bit oversimplified if users add hundreds to thousands of addons and textures by country like me :grin::grin::rofl::rofl:


But who would we contact to get this done. My community folder already has 50+ files plus the 100s of liveries. It would be great to get this organized now instead of later with so many community addons already out there.

Some general folder ideas; aircraft, liveries, airports, scenery. I have created my own folders such as ‘aircraft’ but MFS does not recognize any of the contents. The aircraft addon just disappears from MFS.

It does seem like there should be a very simple solution to creating accessible folders in community folder for addons.

The bigger problem is: The Loading time if you have a big community folder!
And that is going fast because of the wonderful mods out there. My folder was over 60 GB, and i was waiting over 30 min. until i was in the main menu, and that every time i start the sim. And yes, im using a SDD.
Now i delete everything and only keep the airport addons, now 10 GB and round about 3 min. to the main menu.

The devs had to improve this,otherwise buying an addon makes no sense. For example the free Paderborn Airport from Aerosoft has 5 GB in that folder. So you can imagine, 10 Airport and we are back at waiting half an hour or more.

Finally I found a solution to organize the Community folder by changing the name of the folders addons according to their content. After while I think its not bad idea to keep all addons in same folder that help to have good overview by different sorting.

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I changed my folders name with the country in first. It will be easier if I want to move the other countries that I will not fly to another folder for faster loading of FS2020.


Adding country name first for airports, airfields and scenery sounds like a good idea and simple.

Did you add ‘livery’ name to all your liveries folders? Did that create any problems?

Now I put contient names before country and I move sceneries in their appropriate folder if I dont fly them. For liveries I let for now in the Community folder because could be complicate to select what I want as livery before I load fs2020. Im not sure they have real impact on the loading time.

Here examples of my Community folders :

Does putting a folder in a subdirectory in the Community Folder cause the mod to stop loading in the sim?

I feel like your method works, but is quite the workaround. The devs should definitely address the fact that the community folder can get quite big for some people…

you can not add subfolders in the community folder.

As a workaround, until MSFS allows better mod management, there is a little tool posted in the AVSIM forum that let you create your desired structure of addons (folder / subfolder) in another folder so that you can maintain your addons easily, then the tool will just create a link (no files copy needed) in the community folder (where all will still be at the same level because it has to be that way)

The latest version lets you also create presets of addons so you can easily activate/deactivate what you want.

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Yes. FS2020 load only then addons in the root of Community Folder. It ignore all addons (mods) in subfolders. Im not sure if its a good method to put the addons that I dont use in subfolders but its work very for me. I could move them in outside folders too.

I would like an advice from Developers about it.

Yes, currently it a garbage can, all goes there, It would be nice to have third party folder (all serious developers) and another for amateurs where all the goes

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I use this very handy tool to organize all my addons. Thanx to Bad2000.
I have made a Addon directory whith relevant subdirectories and it makes nice redirection links in my community folder. Et Voila, all organized!!!

Good idea
Firstly I prefer rename the mods to replace the folder structure missing as I show above. Its more easy to retrieve and manage them by continent-country-topic-etc. IMO!

I have gone through my entire community folder and renamed all my files except those from the ‘mega pack liveries.’

So my file name structure for airports and scenery starts [nation] [province/state] [city] [original file name]. For liveries I simply use ‘livery [original file name]’

Going to keep it real simple till there is fix and creating subfolders works.

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Around same of me except I added continent first

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So simple, so powerfull, so easy to use !!! Wonderfull !!!

You can rename folders too ussing that tool.
And in your addon folder, you can have it structured in subfolders.

You should give it a try, it’s very simple, it only creates links, but it’s very powerfull, and easy to use, because you don’t create the structure in the app, but in the addons folder

You can do the same thing you do actually, but with subfolders if you want, and you can enable all, enable a folder, quickly …