Community Mods show "Waiting" Status in Content Manager

I have the same problem. In my content manager, it shows “Waiting” I hope this can be rectified soon.

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Waiting is not what this thread was about.
It was about “Not Installed”
Can you elaborate a bit more on “Waiting”, I’ve not heard that term in relation to the Content Manager.
Where is that message displayed in the CM?
How and when did it start?

Hi. Thanks for your interest with my concern.

It started weeks ago. I download the aircraft to the community folder. I then see it in my content manager. when I start the download, it states “waiting”.
I have no idea what’s going on.

Is this something you have purchased from the MSStore?
Has a folder for the aircraft been created in your Community folder?
Has a folder for the aircraft been created in your Official One Store file?

Yes. I purchased it from MSStore. It was created in my Community Folder. and yes from the Official Store File.
Thanks for your help.

I would remove the existing file from your Community folder, and restart the download.
Keep it somewhere outside the sim structure just in case, but when you start the download again, it will give you a fresh new one.

I’ll give it a try.

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Thanks for the help. Now it shows not downloaded instead of just “Waiting”.

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That’s good.
If you want the item, just start the download again.