Community Request for Airport Fix(es)

There are airports in the sim with runways that have hidden elevation discontinuities that cause crashes. Despite Zendesk reports, these have yet to be addressed, some for over a year.

Would anyone familiar with the SDK be willing and able to release simple fixes for these? It would be nice if they could be put on for everyone to use, but if not, could they be emailed or placed on cloud storage to access?

KOAK RW30 is one.
Last I checked, KSEA had another (34L?)

I would envision these fixes being only an update/replacement of the runway. No need to mess with taxi ways, nav data, etc. Just replace existing runway. Would it be that simple? If I understood the SDK I would try myself. If it’s as simple as I hope for someone with SDK experience, I would think someone could produce a fix with a few minutes of work.

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I have found that bumps that make crashes have been introduced with updates to the sim. I had built a custom airport - replacing the one in MSFS - and then half a year later it has a bump on the taxiway that causes crashes. I think it is related to the tiling of elevation / textures that others have complained about and I notice in terrain around remote airstrips I create - they are actually visible and seem to have gotten worse with a recent update - I just do not know which one did it.

So you can see these “invisible” walls if you load a runway in the SDK? Is there a simple way to remove or flatten them, or is it a deeper issue the SDK can not address?

I am no expert but I think it is inherent in the TIN tiles for elevation that are used. This was introduced in one of the updates. I can see them in some locations without doing anything in the SDK, but just taxiing around. Sadly a fix has not arrived yet that I am aware of.

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