Community Roles & Flairs

You will notice a few different flairs next to certain members of the forum community that will look something like this:


This signifies they have a unique role here in the community. Let’s go over what they all mean:

Different Community Roles

  1. image CM Flair
    Employees of Microsoft or Asobo and a part of the Community Management Team. !

  2. image Moderator Flair
    This signifies they are a volunteer moderators for the forums. They help with enforcing the code of conduct, organizing the forums, and more!

  3. image Category Moderator Flair
    This will signify a Category Moderator. Unlike a regular moderator, category moderators help organize one particular section of the forums.

  4. image Co-pilot
    Co-pilots are the designated Welcome Crew! They are helpful members of the forum that reach out to new simmers in the community and provide a friendly face for anyone joining the community.