Complete Binding List for Keyboard, Mouse, Xbox Controller and Saitek Flight Yoke

I started out just wanting a list of the essential bindings for both the keyboard and my Saitek flight yoke. I couldn’t stop and went all the way and created an Excel sheet that has every control binding setting in Flight Simulator 2020 for keyboard, mouse, xbox controller and Saitek Yoke, including those not set by default. You can also filter it by Flight Simulators essential bindings. I hope people find this useful and let me know if you find any errors. Please feel free to share.

Download Complete Bindings Excel Worksheet


I don’t use this set up but liking and sharing it on other forums. Cheers and thank you for sharing.

Have changed some things but this is super awesome thank you :relaxed:

You’re welcome

I was informed that the original link stopped working. So I have moved the file to Google Drive. Here is the new link to download the sheet.



Thanks for creating and posting this, good stuff.