Completely broken AI GA traffic makes this not worth playing for me

I’m on Xbox, so not sure how much this applies. On Xbox go to Settings> General> Data>. I had my data limitations set to unlimited. Upon further inspection I see that MSFS will basically try to use as much data and bandwidth as possible. My game runs much more smoothly since I changed it. I’m thinking my connection wasn’t able to keep up with the bandwidth demands. So, maybe this?

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Must be using a different simulator because I have never had a CTD and performance has always been smooth of course I don’t use any addons and don’t overclock anything except for turning on XMP.

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Saying you can’t play the game because you can’t watch the type of AI traffic you prefer is absurd, there’s no other way to put it.

By this definition if someone made a “game” where AI planes flew around and you watched them but couldn’t actually simulate flying a plane yourself you’d be “playing” it.


For it to be the flight sim that was advertised both of those things have to be possible.

  1. I have to be able to fly the plane
  2. I have to see other planes flying, including at GA airfields.

Until both of those things are true it’s simply not the game I paid to play.


I fly GA, and the lack of GA AI traffic is rather disappointing to me as well. The sky is full of airliners, but very few GA planes. Smaller regional and municipal airports that are mostly GA tend to be deserted and devoid of any traffic.

I deal with it and don’t let it stop me from enjoying my flying, but I would prefer see some actual GA planes. And I haven’t found any 3rd party traffic tool that doesn’t come with some kind of drawback.

And I have the same issue with VATSIM. The areas I WANT to fly in usually have no coverage at the times I fly. And when there is, traffic is 95% airliners. So that doesn’t really help at all.


I, too, primarily fly GA and have found most of the smaller GA airfields incredibly lifeless. Many of them don’t even have static aircraft parked around various spots on the apron.

Worse, I’ll see airliner-class ground vehicles hustling around, too, looking completely out of place. (“Hey, Mac, are you lost?”)

I, too, would very much like to see GA receive some love.


So what do you expect from us, “the uninformed people” of this forum? You were the one who invested the money into the computer system before you understood how the game worked. Is that Asobo’s problem? Is that our problem? Are you looking for sympathy? If you are, I’d suggest you look elsewhere for it.


You’re only disappointed because you think the game has failed to live up to your expectations.

Unfortunately, you’re not the only one playing this game and Asobo is not obligated to kowtow to every time one of these “i’m not getting what i want” posts pop up. What will happen is GA will get love and the tubeliners will complain about not getting love. Then the tubeliners get love and the bush pilots complain. Its never ending because virtual pilots are some of the biggest drama queens on the internet and you can never truly satiate their needs and wants because it’s not ever good enough.

Sorry you spent all that money, but that’s nobody’s fault but yours.

I really wish we had a superthread where people could just make these kinds of rant posts and air out their complaints about the sim until they’re blue in the face. It’s a little old seeing the same “AI/weather/flight model/GA/ATC/etc is broken and it’s a shame” post every day. God forbid people use the search function to find people have complained about their failed expectations before


The ‘Mute’ function is your friend.


90…5 per cent of the time i just ignore them. But maybe the mods can start consolidating these rant threads if i complain about it hard enough.

I mean…that’s how it works right? That’s how these threads work?

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Sigh. . . .

Though I understand @NeutrinoSunset’s issue, (and @Crunchmeister71’s endorsement), I do not understand why NeutrinoSunset is getting the vitriolic comments he is.

IMHO, he - like all of us - is entitled to his opinion.

If you have something constructive to add, an explanation, a caveat, a considered opinion, (either for or against), or something else to add, then please do.  None of us are perfect and there are things that may be obvious to you that are utter mysteries to myself or others.

However, I heartily disagree with anyone who posts to say that person “X’s” opinion or desires are stupid, ill conceived, or otherwise undesirable.

I may not agree with him.  I may even think his request is unreasonable.  However this does not give me, or anyone else, the right to denigrate him or his point of view.

One of the first rules you learn in kindergarten is this:
“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.”

I understand healthy disagreement and discussion.

I do not understand when it appears to degenerate into personal comments about the author or his ideas.

Famous quote:
“I may disagree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.”

Can we all play nice together in the sandbox, please?



You can add myself to the list of people who’d love some GA traffic. There was an FSX addon for GA traffic that worked really well. Would be great if we could get something similar in MSFS. I believe it just generated loads of random flight plans between small airports.

That said, it doesn’t really stop me from enjoying the game.


personally, i believe, like you said, everyone is entitled to their opinions. I’m saying it’s stupid to keep having these discussions because they are all the same. The conclusion is always the same: we know it’s broken/sub-par and you just have to wait for a fix from the devs like the rest of us. I’ve yet to determine the point of these threads other than to “vent it out.” Dude. it’s the internet, nobody cares if you’re upset because being outraged is the new cool thing.

It doesn’t do anyone any good to keep having these circular discussions about why this that and the other thing is broken, how Asobo failed them and acting as if their singular rant is going to change the entire course of the development cycle. Youre entitled to your opinion and your decision to whether or not play flight simulator. You are owed nothing beyond that.

Even still, when constructive feedback is given, such as a mod recommendation or workaround, more often than not the OP finds some reason to say “it’s not good enough for me” and that’s even more frustrating than a broken/sub-par feature. Like dude just gave you a completely legitimate way to get what you want added to the sim. My man @Baracus250 in the thread earlier linked not one but TWO GA Traffic mods and he got no likes or thanks or anything. Third party addons have been the bread and butter of flight simming as long as some of these boomers have been claiming to have been gaming in flight sims.

Blimey i need to go back to work. Good luck @NeutrinoSunset . I hope the sim becomes the game you’re looking for


It is already the Flight Simulation Game I have been hoping for and I am running it on a very low-end computer. Low-End being what I perceive as a comparison of my computer specs compared to the majority of forum users.

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I agree with most of what you are saying. I only play in VR and I have set my PC up to give me a wonderful experience of flying a “make believe” aircraft. I am blown away every day at how I am sat in the seat of of TBM930. The realism astounds me and it’s only going to get better and better. However…that’s where the experience ends. MSFS should really have been titled The Rick Grimes Solo Experience. There is no emersion or realistic interaction with other “make believe” aircraft. It’s a mess. Hilarious sometimes. I would be happy if like you said the traffic was placed on rails (for now) then at least my “make believe” aircraft could interact with other “make believe” aircraft without them overrunning the runway through the terminal building, car park and local primary school only to u-turn and taxi back up the runway towards me. Spoils it for me so I just switch all live and AI traffic off. MSFS is an amazing rollercoaster ride but you’ll be the only person at the park unfortunately.



Try to build your own AI Traffic Package.
I did and i have a lot of GA Traffic except single props. Bizjets, turboprops.
Follow this link and follow step by step of the manual. Will work. Manual by Razgriz117

Where to get models ? (payware and freeweare) and AIGAIM package have a lot of GA models too.

Finally MSFS AI Engine still have a lot to go. Lets wait and see…
RealTraffic is a god option to avoid those bugs but is payware.



You may want to change the thread title to better reflect your problem, as it is a legitimate complaint, but hardly game breaking or even solvable by spending more money.


In addition to @Baracus250’s suggestion, some here might want to try PilotEdge. It is a paid service and it only covers the west coast of the US, but it is much better for VFR flying than Vatsim. They also have about 400 AI “drone” aircraft that fly on their network to add some additional traffic to their airspaces, over and above the live players. They offer a two week trial and training videos for those who are unsure. (To be clear: I am not affiliated with them, I am just a reasonably satisfied customer. Their service improves my simming experience.)

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Individual blades of grass, waving and blowing trees, and natural disasters seem to be some of the top running requests these days. It’s gotten to the point where people want a literal replication of what’s outside their room. That’s illogical and impossible. There’s a point where Microsoft FLIGHT Simulator will no longer be viewed that way. The trending requests seem to indicate that desire/greed. If I so wanted, I could jump back to FSX/FS2004 and find things I may enjoy ‘more’ or find better ‘tuned’ than what MSFS offers. But I’d be a downright fool to do so and think I’m fixing anything by doing so. Graphically this game has broken so many barriers and will be the reason for more updates and new development methods in software/world creation going forward IMO.

To the OP: I have an Omen HP 16 Ryzen 7 6800 3.2 ghz processor with a Radeon RX 6550M card with 8GB. I upgraded my original 16GB to 32GB of RAM recently and even before that I was always hitting low 40’s to 60’s depending on areas and aircraft I used. So to have a computer that is marginally similar to mine and can’t play the game. Either you’re doing something very very wrong, bad parts, or the Universe doesn’t want you to play. For whatever reason, for no reason should you not be able to play this. Even my ■■■■■■ 2 year old minimal guts Chinese laptop could at least load the game into an extremely basic flight with about 5 FPS.


Sure, expecting AI traffic not to be embedded in the ground, or invisible, or rotating upside down on its roof after two and a half years is exactly the same as expecting to have every blade of grass modelled.