Completionist Achievement... Not Complete

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After completing all the activities in sim (including getting the achievements for all 3 original bush trips), the Completionist achievement fails to unlock. I have also tried fully restarting the game with no luck. The achievement is stuck at 92% completion.

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Same here. I have the “greased” achievement unlocked for completing all landing challenges. And i have “animoi” “goldrush” and “fire and ice” achievements for completing the 3 Bush Trips without navigation assistance… The tracker did not register the Patagonia Bush Trip. It stucks at 96percent.

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

Yes, I have 39/39 Landing Challenges and 15/14 Bush Trips completed (however perhaps 4-5 of the counted Bush Trips are community made, I can’t check as AFAIK the achievement file is encrypted).

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The Completionist Achievement seems to update the Bush Trip requirement depending on what it’s seen i.e. my son has it but he completed it early after release when there were only 3 Bush Trips.

• Any official update or community Bush Trip added seems to increase the number of Bush Trips required i.e. mine’s gone from the original 3/3 to 19/19 [World Update 8] 14 official + 5 community.

• AFAIK I’ve completed 9 Official and 5 Community BT’s but it’s hard to be sure as Norway is Stuck at 96% despite been flown twice and a Community BT reset it’s progress to 0% after a mission update.

• Removing updates and/or deleting the “community” folder/missions doesn’t change the number required i.e. once “seen” a Bush Trip likely needs to be completed as x/19 remained [World Update 8]

• Sim Update 9 changed my displayed number of required Bush Trips to 14 which equals the number of official Bush Trips installed (I have NOT installed WU8 (Spain) as it added another 4 BT I’d have to complete)

• In the past (IIRC WU7), I’ve disabled all WU and deleted all community content to no effect. I haven’t retested this with SU9.

• I haven’t tested deleting my install to reset my profile as it’d lose all recorded progress and flight hours (and I’d still need to refly the first 3 BT again).

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Platform: PC Steam
Version: Premium Deluxe + Reno Races Full

We need a official confirmation. My tracker showed 92 when i completed the Balkan Bush Trip. Completing patagonia …the tracker did not move. After completing the Nevada Bush Trip … tracker went up to 96.

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Ideally you’d think it would be A: Patagonia Bush Trip Achievement + B: Nevada Bush Trip Achievement + C: Balkan Bush Trip Achievement + D: Landing Challenges Achievement = E: Completionist Achievement Unlocked. There is some bizarre logic within the sim that is expecting something else to happen for the Completionist achievement to unlock for some people, but not others.

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I have unlocked the achievement. Solution for me:
I have deleted the game …and i have reinstalled it without a world Update. ( But with a couple of 3rd Party Jets) i have repeated all 3 original Bush Trips and all 24 landing challenges. And finally i have unlocked the achievement.

This is soooo frustrating. I’ve completed all 3 original bush trips without using “find my way back” and somehow those achievements came through, but no matter what I do I can’t get the Achievement to unlock. I’ve even uninstalled the sim and flew all three again. NOTHING. This something like 60 hours worth of flying.

Literally what do I have to do to get Asobo’s attention. How hard can it be to fix. It’s been TWO YEARS and they won’t acknowledge the fact that Achievements are completely broken.

Is anyone from the actual dev team in this forum?