“Completionist” Achievement not unlocking

The Achievement requires completing all landing challenges and all 3 original Bush Trips.

I’ve completed all landing challenges but my Pilot Profile says I’ve only completed 41/44

I’ve completed all 3 original Bush Trips and have the Achievements (did not use assists for any of them). My Pilot Profile says I’ve only completed 2/3.

Question for Asobo: What do I do now? How can I unlock the Achievement?

Xbox Series X if that makes a difference…

I’m the same. Did you get any further forward ?

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Nope. No idea how to make it trigger :disappointed:

I know those bush trips can be a pain, especially the one where there’s no AP but have you tried doing them again?

I had started and SU8 wiped my progress so it’s back to square 1.

I’ll start again soon. The fatigue is starting to set in. There’s other things in the sim I’d rather be doing.

I’m not starting then again when I have the achievements for all 3 of them. Also done all the landing challenges before and made sure they tracked correctly. Hope they fix it.

I did see someone say they kept flying after it not popping and eventually it popped. They think it might be a case of every one takes x amount of time and when flying direct to airports it reduces time. Maybe a though

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