Concord autopilot! nav or heading does not work

can one of you educated people tell me why i cannot get the autopilot vav to work on the new Concord jet ??? is it the INS control button/ mode or the Loc button/mode??? i tried both but jet keeps veering to the right also the heading does not work either??? please help !!!

Moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft as Concorde is not stock sim.

You should ask your question in the main Concorde help thread. The autopilot works perfectly fine. Did you read the manual?

Try this video: Concorde Autopilot Tutorial - DC Designs - Microsoft Flight Simulator - YouTube

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Thanks just the help i needed!!!

okay …still .learning the Forum rules… Thanks

Autopilot is working ok . at least on this computer i will check the other one when i get home. i just had problem with IAS or nav.

yes working ok!!!