Concorde Flight Time

Hello all,

Has anyone else noticed that the flight times between New York and Heathrow in Concorde have nearly doubled?

Used to be just over 3 hours, now it’s taking over 5 hours, with 787 times being just over 6 hours for reference

Has anyone else noticed, or have a fix for this? I’ve noticed a few issues with Concorde lately, in particular feeling slower on the runway.

Playing on Series X

Hello @MattDudeUK!

You would be best contacting the developer of this product directly, as to my knowledge, they might not monitor the forums.

You can see the way to contact them here as well as the contacts for other developers: About the General Discussion & Interests category

Here is the DC Designs Facebook Page: DC Designs | Facebook

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Topic moved into Community Support.

The Bug Report category is for reporting base sim contents using the provided template.

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Have you accidently enabled sim rate and have it set at 0.5x ?

Hi mate,

Thanks for the reply, no i haven’t even assigned a button for that, and i just checked to make sure.