Concorde fuel management

I bought the dc-designs concorde a few days ago and all ready made an suceessfull atlantic crossing from kjfk-egll but i have noticed people say that you need to manage the fuel etc. and have the center gravity? I have never had a problem with it and it says on the switches that they are in auto mode. Do i have to pay attention to that on future flights, and learn to move fuel from aft to fwd? even if they are in auto mode? or are there people how just want to make it manualy in the sim?

There are several YouTube videos out there explaining how and why you need to do this.

There is no auto mode.

Also all of this is explained extensively, over and over, in the main Concorde thread. Over and over because people don’t search forums anymore.

DC Designs Concorde Fuel System Explained MSFS - YouTube Video all about the Concorde fuel system