Configuration Saitek X52

since I installed MSFS 2020 (in August 2020), and I plugged in my Saitek X52 (not Pro), it does not appear as an image on the screen for configuration, and therefore I have not not the key numbers under the eyes. I manage to use it but not as completely. Has anyone had the same issue? Thank you

Have a go at Mapping your X 52 using the Saitek Software that came with your Stick.
This can also be Downloaded from the Saitek Web page.
It takes a bit of time but this should work for you. Hope this Helps. Kind Regards.

Mine shows up at the far end of the controls list called Saitek x52 flight control system. I can map all the standard buttons and axis there. The x52 has some tricky triggers and display configs that require the software to use correctly. Most of my sims still wont use those functions even with the software. One big thing I found right out of the gate is make sure your controllers are on and recognized with windows devices and printers before u start this sim… This sim is not happy when the controllers are turned off or unplugged while its running. This is just what I found on my system. We all have different experiences.

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Look’s like you’re Sorted. Happy Flying !