Configure your experience message after patch

After installing the patch I had to configure the general settings again. Even though my settings have been saved now and I can confirm the settings remain in there, I am still getting the “configure your experience” message whenever I start the simulator. I am not planning a complete reinstallation just to get rid of that message! What else can I try?

I’ve had the same message appear since install. Doesn’t seem to interfere with anything, just sits in the background until it loads.

Just ignore it? It literally has no impact on you. It says “Configure your experience”, then proceeds to load in the same way it did before. You are complaining about text on a screen.


Not a very helpful response.

Is the message meant to be there every launch?

Is it a bug in the launch of the game?

It is literally text on a screen, but if it’s not meant to happen at every launch, how does one fix this?

Most likely not.
Probably not.
Wait til its patched out.

I noticed this after the patch too and I wasn’t sure if it was there before and I missed it. I assumed it meant to configure my experience, as in settle in and get comfortable. Make sure my joystick is ready and that I have a beverage handy.