Confused by VNAV button on CRJ

I enabled VNAV in the EFB options, and the Top of Descent (TOD), along with any constraints along the flight path, appear on the FMS as expected. When I reach the TOD, I click on the VNAV button, but the plane does not begin to descend. The only thing that happens is the term PATH appears in white lettering in the annunciator. Why won’t the plane descend? I’m hoping someone out there can help me out. Thanks in advance.

The CRJ only has ‘advisory VNAV’. It also doesn’t have autothrottle.
So it’s up to you as the pilot to follow the vertical profile by adjusting the throttle.

For me that’s what makes the CRJ a load more interesting / fun to fly. You actually have to fly the aircraft.


The question has already been answered in terms of the CRJ, but in a general sense, you have to adjust your altitude setting to your ILS approach elevation or whatever. The VNAV will not override what the pilot has dialed in. This is where many people go wrong, myself included.

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Thanks for your help guys. Even though the VNAV capabilities are less than I expected, I especially agree with your comment, MortThe2nd, that is one of the things that makes the CRJ so much fun to fly.

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Before reaching TOD, enable VNAV and adjust ATL to the altitude you wish to descend.
When the TOD is reached, descent will begin automatically.

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Thanks for your reply, karuchie. I did try this at least once, and I had no luck. Is there a certain distance within TOD that I must be when I change ALT and click VNAV? Thanks for your help.

it still requires you to reduce throttle yourself normally.

The CRJ1000 has the option for ‘coupled VNAV’ in the tablet. Maybe that’s what karuchie was using.
It was an optional extra on the CRJ1000, but not many airlines bought it.

Set VNAV at TOC (well before TOD), and don’t use your altimeter setting - leave them at zero feet before T/O. Use only ALT HOLD button when reaching reaching desired altitude. See how that goes…

You know, instead of following all these incomplete replies that will get you in trouble, you should just read the manual, and watch the video of the demo flight, which explains everything.