Confused which version to get of MSFS for G2 v2 - Steam or MS Store?

Hi All,

I am G2 V2 users and looking to buy MSFS 2020 but I am confused which version to get if it matters?

Steam or Store?

Steam is much cheaper than store so would prefer Steam but can the Steam version be run without SteamVR overhead? Would I be right that running MSFS via SteamVR with G2 with result with performance penalty vs running without SteamVR?


You can source MSFS from either Steam or MS Store and it will work with the Reverb G2. I have the Steam version and use WMR as my OpenXR client. While I have SteamVR installed, it is not used at all for MSFS.

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Many thanks. So SteamVR is optional with Steam version. Perfect. Steam version it is then :slight_smile:

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No worries. Screenshot of the two coexisting as further proof.

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As mentionned you can use it in both, i am on Steam because i want to centralised all my games in one place, the tricky part is, how to load the game in VR using Steam, here is the 3 links i bookmaked back then that might help, agian it is being a while, so not sure which one is the most useful, i am just sharing with you, but bascally you do not launch using Steam VR.

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Many thanks!

I will be looking at those link soon but just to make sure that I understand correctly.

You are using Steam version and you are able consistently start MSFS in VR not using SteamVR at all?

Also I am deducting from your post that once this is figured out and setup you have a way and you don’t have to mess with it. That conclusion comes from the fact that you don’t remember the details but I assume you are still using VR with MSFS, or was VR more of a test and you are not using it anymore for MSFS?

Many thanks for that critical info.

EDIT: If you are still using VR with MSFS, is it Reverb G2 v2 that you are using or is it a different head set and if so which is it and with which VR loader?

Thanks again.

MS Store version and Steam version of MSFS is the same. Only the distribution/sales channel is different and the files are installed in different folders on your PC.
VR works the same no matter which version you have.
I use Steam version, I can use Reverb G2 without any issues.


The question is can you use G2 without starting SteamVR?

@sebna1218 as my link to psot showed, to answer yup, actualy, MSFS does not used Steam VR (if you do you will get some messages anyways), you basicaly load you VR apps, WMR, load the game normaly and when you want to go VR you swap to VR, i think default is CTRL-Tab or something, mentionned in the link i showed you as on my side i changed the defautl binding to be easy, i use the numpad 0.

And yeah i am using Reverb G2 v2. And as mentionned not using Steam VR, i even unchecked it’s autoload when detecting headset to make sure it does not load.

Yes. No need to use Steam VR for MSFS VR with G2. MS Store versions and Steam versions are the same. No matter how many times you will ask the answer will remain the same :wink:

Once installed form MS Store - can the files be moved in similar fashion as with Steam installs?

I might need to download it one PC and use in on another.