Congo River color changes abruptly

I flew up the Congo river in Africa, and I noticed only a few areas have the correct water color, it fades in and out of the muddy red color to the ocean blue. This seems different from the usual water masking issue as it there are no reefs visible in the water to worry about. The river is opaque, so all we need to fix is the brown color. It seems strange that some areas have it correctly but others don’t. If we could just make it the reddish brown clay color that we saw in the Africa trailer would make this river trip so much better. I noticed the Amazon also lacks the real life yellow brown color as well and I could not find any part of it that was anything other than deep ocean blue. These areas don’t need complex water masking they just need the base layer of water to be tinted the right shade since nothing needs to be visible underwater anyway.Uploading: Screenshot (38).png…

It’s just bad Bing imagery. This is the kind of imagery the simulator downloads and attempts to automatically constructs its scenery:

It’s a patchwork quilt of wildly varying quality that the sim tries to stitch together. You can see some of it is close to correct (left side), some of it’s badly colored (center), and some of it’s just totally unusable (right side), which then probably causes the simulator to pitch the imagery entirely and default to some blue color for the water. The only practical fix I can see here is for Microsoft to acquire new imagery for the region (if it exists). Trying to manually fix a gigantic river network like this seems like an impractical task.