Congratulations to DC Designs on the possibility of adapting and correcting the aircraft flight model to the user's hardware and needs

Congratulations to DC Designs on the Concorde!
Not because of the accuracy
Not because of the quality
Not because of professionalism

All of these exist

It’s thanks to the fact that they did not put their files under the encryption of .fsarchive and let us to edit and fix flight_model.cfg to fit our hardware and real life experience

well done!


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This is just standard with pretty much every single plane purchased outside of the marketplace…


Yes, thanks for the kind words but most third-party airplanes retain open-source code for manipulation by modders, although it’s especially something I wanted to maintain for Concorde so it could potentially be made more “study-level” for those who wanted it to be. Only Marketplace airplanes are by default archived to prevent piracy.