Connect jetway or stairs to different aircraft doors / use more than one door for boarding

The sim seems to only use one jetway and ramp truck at a time and only use the L1 door. There should be an option to connect the jetway or the ramp truck to the L2 door.

I would also recommend an option to use multiple jetways where there are two or more at a gate:

I take it you never came across a scenario where the parking spot is so awkarly placed, that the jetway connects to the starboard side door, or even the aft door instead?

I think the sim uses a logic to connect only one jetway to the closest door available.

yeah it happens to me as well lmao

The 787-10 in FS2020 has two boarding doors and the 747-8 in FS2020 has 3 boarding doors (two fwd, one in the upper). But in FS2020 you can only have one boarding exit. Two boarding door can have two stair in the fwd doors and can have dual jetway (not in FS2020, but wishing to have it). Three boarding door like the 747-8 can have two stair in the two fwd and one in the upper, three jetway (two in the fwd doors and one in the upper).

This is an example of a A330 being connected with two jetway:

This is an example of a A380 being connected with three jetway:

But there is a problem. In real life in some airport such as for example SVMI, it will only use one stair even when there is more than one boarding door, probably due to limitation, restriction or it just how they operate that way. Here is an example of a 757-200 of SBA Airlines in SVMI with only one stair:

And there is also overwing jetway exit seen in this picture: