Connection problems with Kaspersky internet security

Since 2 weeks or so i have trouble using FS2020. Photogrammetry is not working even it is turned on (and was working perfectly for a year now) - and i get error messages “your connection had an issue while streaming data, you have been switched to offline mode” and “Azure online text-to-speech services are unavailable”. I am pretty sure is has something to do with Kaspersky internet security, because if i turn the protection off - Photogrammetry is working again. I tried to exclude MS2020 protection from Kaspersky, scanning files, traffic ect… but no luck.

Does anyone know what to exclude so MS2020 is working again?

Thanx in A.

PS: Steam version

Exclude Kaspersky internet security and just use the built into Windows tools.


This is terrible advice. Do as you say and leave the machine open to Ransomware attacks? Not good.

To the original author see my screenshot below to show the settings I use without problem. Also make sure Kaspersky is allowing all “Gaming Services” under Application Management within the program.

Windows has pretty good built-in tools to detect malware. Just read some tests.

Kaspersky might add some more features in terms of desinfection/quarantine or firewall and convenience, but it doesn’t really make you any more safe from ransomware. Also such tools open a wide variety of new attack vectors as history has shown.

So it’s not terrible advice but maybe not helpful to the TO, I agree.


Correctly configured Windows 10 tools will do just as good a job as any third party tool, Kaspersky, Sophos etc. It has anti-virus, malware protection and firewall plus some other useful tools.

Kaspersky ( typo : Bullguard ) is known to cause issues with MSFS . Turning off the firewall in Kaspersky ( typo : Bullguard ) has solved all my issues as regards MSFS .

( Turn off Kaspersky ( typo : Bullguard ) firewall , then launch MSFS . Once finished with MSFS , turn firewall back on before browsing the Net :+1:) .

Then you basically can uninstall the firewall entirely since it doesn’t make any sense if you regularly disable it for longer time periods.

A firewall that you need to disable regularly is basically useless except to keep the user busy.

Disabled for MSFS ( as I stated ) :+1:.

Reactivate for browsing etc.

No problems with Firewalls for everything else , except MSFS . Surprise , surprise .

Whether someone wants to install security software , deactivate firewalls , etc etc , that’s entirely up to them :+1:

( P.s I earlier mentioned Kaspersky , that was a typo . PC with MSFS installed has Bullguard Security software . My advice to the OP still stands ) .

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I’ll think i might know where things did go wrong. I’ve got a now SSD as C drive. i have cloned the old drive - so everything stayed the same - except way faster now (old was 2.5" classic SSD - new is a very fast M.2 drive).

But i still had FS2020 on an classic SSD (drive S) - so i changed the install dir to C (moved in Steam) - and then had to make a complete reininstall in FS2020.

And I think THAT’S the problem, because after that FS worked, but PG and ATC did not.

I now looked at the FS exe in Kaspersky app control , and found out the exe had still the path where it was on the S drive! And now it made sense why the exe still was blockt, because every whitelisting and excluding i did - it wasn’t for the new exe on C - it was all for the old (none existing) exe on S! Progress!

So I deleted the old exe in all the Kaspersky rules i had - and i now want to make new rules for the new exe - but i don’t have it in Kaspersky and for the love of God i can’t figure out how to add it so i then can exclude it.

Can someone please tell me how to do this? i am sooo close now…

Update: it’s working now! Turns out Kaspersky was the problem! After a complete kaspy reinstall - i added FS without problems to the trusted-section - and now everything is working!

Case closed! thanx all.