Considering Upgrading I7 7700K

The Sim runs very well, no stutter or anything like that. However, the CPU is running almost 100%. With Windows 11 around, thinking a upgrade will help. Will anything help the CPU

I have already RTX 3070 TI

My options are


INTEL I7 12700K 3.6G 12CORE CPU OR
I7 13TH GEN 13700K CPU
I9 13TH GEN 13900K 24-CORE
If I look at the I9 is there much difference with the I9 13TH GEN 13900KS

As long as your CPU is not overheating and throttling back causing performance loss, I’d just leave it as it is since you are otherwise happy with performance.

I keep saying that but I was told that the RTX 3070 TI is not running full performance because the card was backward compatible with my motherboard. I forgot that was one other reason up grading. Maybe the 13th gen really is not needed although the price more is very little. So staying with I7 is making sense

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You’ve indicated your CPU is running almost 100% but what percent range does your GPU run? If your GPU is running at a high percent then upgrading your CPU won’t do much help.

I upgrade from a i7-4970K, which according to this comparison is quite similar in performance to the 7700K.

I upgraded to the i9-10900K (measurable slower than the new 13 series). The difference in MSFS was astounding. I previously set my Terrain Detail to 60% to stop being CPU bound with low frame rates. Now 250% or higher for same effect with no change to GPU.

I’d expect you to see a significant benefit in MSFS and CPU bound games.

If MSFS is your main sim consider getting the 5800X3D or am5 70003d is faster than any Intel CPU in this game.

I went from an i7 10700k to a 5800X3D a month ago and got a noticeable performance increase.

10700k paired with my rx6800. GPU was never fully utilized in CPU bound scenarios. Now I’m GPU limited everywhere. CPU barely goes over 30% even with fstl, ai ships.

That 7700k is getting wrecked while your 3070ti is :sleeping:

It is running about 45-55% most of the time, never really spikes.

Ok then a cpu upgrade would probably be worth it.

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Corrected for you :wink:

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I have to get a new Windows Lic because it will be a new motherboard. I would move to Windows 11 because the updates might be better as MSFS 2020 continues. However, I need my task bar on the top, not the bottom because of the way my sim is built. Is there really any advantages with Windows 11? I might stay with 10 because of that taskbar location issue.

TaskBar to top:

I changed motherboard, CPU and GPU late last year and did not have to get a new Windows licence, so I doubt you will have to either.

Same, though over a longer period of time. I know a motherboard/CPU swap can trip up the licence check, but Microsoft has a support page on steps you can take prior to the upgrade to prevent licencing issues.

Activation is not a problem if your License is linked to your MS Account.