Conspiracy Theory!

Slowly I think of conspiracy theory!
World update is world update and not Sim update, so yesterday I thought I could install this update without any problem, and even though I don’t fly in Australia, I can do my daily normal flight from EDDM to EDDH with my Airbus.
But after the update, after 1 hour of load time, I had no success in seeing and using my scenery, my plane. Asobo music, loading loading loading and nothing happens.

You say I have to empty my community folder, delete my rolling cache,…
Until yesterday everything is as it is now, worked perfectly! perfectly! why do I have to change everything that worked until yesterday?

I’m starting to think maybe the dissatisfied people in Microsoft or Asobo want to make the users dissatisfied or somehow sabotage this beautiful and very sophisticated flight simulator :slight_smile:
or maybe i’m slowly going insane because of so many problems that of nothing suddenly come before me! :slight_smile:


You need to download the Australian World Update from the in Sim marketplace after the main program updates.


Where’s the conspiracy/gain in this?..


Well… You do realise that you can just move your Community folder out of the MSFS folder and then later put it back, right? It’s not like you have to un/install everything first.

…Other than that, no more documentaries on youtube for you! . :wink:


The reason for the empty is so when you have problems, you know it isn’t a conflict with a third party addon that is causing the problem.
Bear in mind, you don’t have to delete the files in community from your computer, just the community folder.

The rolling cache stores scenery files.
Since this is a new update, those old files can cause a conflict with the new, preventing the sim to start as well.

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Thank you for your nice and helpful explanation and answer. I’m slowly doing everything you suggested and if I solve the problem I’ll let you know.
Many Thanks.

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And when you use add ons, always use add on manager. I wonder how people can manage without it.

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I agree completely.

I do not think I am a computer novice since in the last 15 years of work I have really worked in the computer sector hw, sw and networks.

Could someone explain the reason to go through 4 say four programs to update the sim:
xbox app
ms store
msfs startup

And if you select 2 or more world updates, the program is unable to download at the same time.

Any log file where attempt to understand whats wrong in ptocess.

etc etc etc

And in the end, after observing the update rules, see it fail and be forced to spend a day reinstalling from scratch? Is there something wrong, or not?



The upgrade was -

  • XBox app (I am at a loss for why this one is needed) - mandatory

  • FS Launch (installed a few updates for some airports around the world, added new AU splash/intro screens, added new landing challenges, new Bush trips etc) - mandatory

  • Content Manager (for updates/patches to quite a few existing WUs) - optional

  • Marketplace (for AU scenery/world update VII) - optional but necessary to do the already installed Bush trips and landing challenges

It makes sense, but I can see why some might find it confusing. The first step is a mystery for me, but I’m used to going there to initiate any FS update these days. I can easily see why after seeing the new AU splash screens on FS launch after first 2 stages why many thought they didn’t need to do the 3rd & 4th steps.
I also seem to recollect that running FS ahead of the update redirected me to the Windows App Store rather than XBox App which could also have been confusing to many.
All in all it is a bit of an ambiguous process. So I’m not surprised that many are having issues understanding it.

The best conspiracy theory is that they probably hesitate to make the Matrix too real. That´s why some intense computer work is necessary sometimes like rechecking all community folder contents updating all DLC-airplanes etc. is necessary. To remember the user that the user is controlling the sim Matrix inside the other bigger Matrix that simulates your PC.


Just rename Community before the update. Then rename it back to Community after the update.

However, I did not perform this little dance and my update went smooth.

However, however, we should NOT have to perform these silly tech tricks to update a world class piece of software!

You don’t, as you discovered.
It is just recommended.
However, if an addon conflicts with changes that the sim introduced in the update, you will have a very hard job trying to figure out where the issue lays.

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No, see, well you right maybe they really want to destroy the simulator. but how silly they are, bring unnecssary updates to life but the old problem dont fix it?? crazy really and the Ceo of them just want VFR and no good airplanes like pmdg, cause i think pmdg are scared of this sim, to many issues!

I also think that PMDG is nervous about coming into the SIM Fully. We have put them on this High pedicel and they don’t want to be drag through the mud like all the toxic stuff in the forums. I think that the bad 737 is a PMDG product. they wanted to put there stuff out to see what people will think and can work on in with out us knowing it is them. I mean When MSFS2020 was first talked about PMDG was already in the SIM. :thinking:

in next thread guy solve long time wu7 loading by remove some usb hardware, don’t remember exactly, i believe the flight controller

I realize that many people are really trying to help… but, his post, in my opinion, determined after reading thoroughly, was mostly a joke, but, sadly, partly truth. I have to say I agree it does have a conspiratorial feeling to it that every… single… update… is rife with bugs.


I didn’t see him asking for a solution here…

Although, I do realize that mansplaing, is, well, probably instinctual… even between men :rofl:

You were right. The problem lay by community folder and addons. I’ve been trying for 3 days to find the addons that are causing these problems, but I’ve had no success. I put a lot of addons in other folders because they were way too much (more than 600 addons scenery and aricraft and utilities). Thank you for your help. If I find something new I’ll let you know. With fbw airbus also all runs perfectly.

I’ve been flying the Twin Otter for 12+ hours straight. No bugs. Sim Smooth as butter . TO and water landings all good. Up and down the West coast. I’m in Alaska now. What a great sim. NOT rife with bugs but AMAZING FUN

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OP has had issue solved. Closing topic.