Constant CTD clicking fly now


I asked for a refund but got denied as I have too many play hours already logged.

This sim was amazing up until su5, never experienced a CTD just a little stuttering here and there. Now after su5 I get constant CTD clicking fly now. Even On discovery flights, training, bush trips and challenges. I have gone through every single step I have read in the forums from driver reinstallation’s , clearing and moving community folders(which are empty), making sure I’m not overclocked, reinstalled the game 5x, every zendesk recommendation, I reinstalled windows and all drivers and nothing works. Constant CTD every single time 100% of the time. I have wasted a month of my time trying to fix something I paid for that shouldn’t be delivered broken. I feel like I should be getting paid by the devs for all the time I have put into troubleshooting this issue. Too bad I can’t get a refund or I would accept it right away. Sorry for the rant but I am completely frustrated and have a few hundred dollars wasted. If this gets fixed great but if not this is extremely disappointing. I was really enjoying my flights and streaming my flights for my friends to see and now have not been able to get in the air for a month.

Same problem here. I guess it’s back to FSX until these fools figure it out. How you take a game that was working and make it not work seems like a talent they are particularly good at.

Update, after deleting and reuploading game on my computer four times and updating my graphics card (NVIDIA GTX 970) driver, game is now working My guess is it was the graphics card driver, but I have no idea. *


Hi. I had this too but it works now. Empty the comm folder. Then go to the programs list of installed programs beside marketplace and delete every add on you bought or downloaded. Then try a flight.

just had a CTD and it’s all MS aircrafts no mod and no added scenery was landing at southhampton and it just froze in the air, then CTD. Wow still having probelms.

Using any other 3rd party apps?


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