Constant CTD every flight now (ntdll.dll)

No question that there is a heap corruption bug (which may or may not be caused by Asobo), but having read through this thread, I know that you are getting it and hobanagerik and maybe a few more, but beyond that? This thread purports to describe a massive issue that everyone is suddenly having. However, what I suspect is that there is a bit of groupthink going on as everyone who is encountering crashes is contributing to this thread without understanding whether they have the same issue.

This isn’t an “I’m getting crashes too” thread, folks. If you don’t know how to confirm that you are encountering the specific heap corruption error in ntdll.dll, then don’t post here.


Had two CTD`s in a row while trying to fly from EFHK to EETU. Both happened in the same location while entering the Estonian airspace. Plane was FBW A32NX. Live weather on. The event viewer says the same as all the others, faulty model is ntdll.dll in System32 folder.

But the “can’t read memory” thing (FFF and 000) must be connected. It all started happening at the same time.

back flight EDDK - EDDB with Live Weather, VPilot, Acars, Google Maps Enhancement, GSX, in VR an again no CTD.

and that one has its own thread, that currently has more votes, so it would make more sense to post/vote there, to give it more chance of getting its priority raised.

If you haven’t already of course. :slight_smile:

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The “memory could not be read” error is a separate issue and there is another thread for it (see link below). This topic is specifically for CTDs related to ntdll.dll that started appearing within the last 48 hours or so.

Everyone: if you are getting crashes of the “memory could not be read” type, please post in the appropriate thread and keep this topic solely about the ntdll.dll crashes. Thank you.


Unless is it the exact same line of source code they probably aren’t related. Even if it is, a NULL pointer dereference and an integer overflow/underflow will generally have different root causes.

Same experience here. Never had a crash in almost two years, fired up MSFS today without any new modifications (NO SU10 beta, NO GSX PRO) and I had two CTD in one hour. Baffling.


Oh 100% which is why I made a point of posting the exact fault path from the entry(well one of several of the same Critical entries) from Event Viewer that shows. I guess some people might not know how to get to that area of the OS so I see your point and its reasonable. All we can hope for is the devs can dig into this somehow :slight_smile:

Today i have the same errors its so annoying i have tested literally everything but nothing works ! One time i ve got the “can’t read memory” error but the other many times ive got a CTD… very strange if iam right its since ive installed GSX Pro but idk if this is the Problem

FWIW, I completed over four hours of test flying yesterday after I saw this topic trying to reproduce this CTD. Half of that was with live weather off and the other half was with live weather on. My sim remained rock stable the entire time. So while this crash does appear to be affecting many people, it’s not accurate to say that everyone is suddenly experiencing it.

As of this writing, this bug report has 110 votes, and 156 unique users have replied to this thread. While we are absolutely treating this very seriously, and I’m not trying to diminish the severity of this CTD in any way to those of you who are getting the ntdll.dll crash, if it was indeed affecting every player, there would be significantly higher vote and reply numbers for this topic.

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After almost a year without CTD, it happen to me twice today after 1hour 45 and 2 hours of flight.

If it can help @SeedyL3205

  • Do you have any mods installed? If so, which one(s)?
    WT CJ4, BIjan 4 seasons, AIG AI & Traffic manager, A32nx, several sceneries (Orbx, LatinVFR), new light from Nicottine

  • What plane were you flying?
    CJ4 (WorkingTiltle Mod)

  • What were your departure and arrival airports?
    Flight 1: LTAC → LYTV
    Flight 2: LYTV → LFLC

  • Did you have live weather enabled?

  • Did you have live traffic enabled?

  • Are you on SU9 or SU10 beta?

  • Are you using DX11 or DX12?

  • What is your GPU and what driver version are you using?
    RTX 3070Ti - Drivers 512.77

  • Are you on Windows 10 or 11?

and as expected, it crashs again… I would have been surprised too if that helped.

But, there is an intressting behavior. Each time I fly the same route, it crashs “later on that way”.


I pretty sure, if I start now again, it crashs again far later on the route ( EGPH - LFMN with VOR to VOR ).

The devs were asking for fault bucket ids in the “memory cant be read” thread, so I’m guessing they’ll be able to do something similar here.

Do you know if there might be a correlation between the failures and the server that those experiencing them are connecting to?

If there is, then that might explain why the whole user-base isn’t getting the CTDs.

I dont think it’s just the ntdll thing. Today I had 5 CTDs, 3 of them ntdll, yes.

But the other two had these messages:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\FlightSimulator.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\FlightSimulator.exe

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\FlightSimulator.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\FlightSimulator.exe

90% of the users don’t read the forum


From where did you got these report ?

Can I just add, by the way, that the lack of a log as opposed to Xplane really hurts this sim

Windows Event viewer

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