Constant CTD every flight now (ntdll.dll)

Honestly guys, what do you expect, a blow by blow description of what they are doing? We are just going to have to have some patience whilst they look into it.


Good point when internet goes down or your house phone gets cut off ISPs dont go out of there way to say there network is broken why should they. They just fix it in the background and then say nothing was broken…

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on my side just roll back my driver to old version with turning off auto windows update seem to fix the issue , so imo it s driver and not msfs fault

Apparently it’s off topic to say you’re getting ctd’s in a ctd topic. Great logic.

On another note I turned off photogrammetry and bing maps, two flights in with the same mods enabled and all good so far, another bonus is the game runs far smoother. I’ll take it.

I’ve had my game crushed druing the flight from Hong Kong to Tailand 22 Aug around @14.00 Central Europe Time

Ok then maybe it is solved for me, because I am not getting any CTDs anymore or it was maybe a coincidence as they fixed it now lol.

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This has happened since STEAM was updated on Friday.


I can confirm what other said, I was having consistent CTDs for the last two days after 30min ~ 1 hour of flight.

Today I have done two flights more than two hours each with the same mods, with all online functionalities disabled except for live weather, so far no CTD. Either I am very lucky or the issue comes from photogrammetry and/or bing servers.

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Put the developers hat.
From one side MSFS didn’t have received any software update for weeks.
I’m sure that if was a server issue they already had to find and solve the problem.
Both GPU’s (AMD and NVIDIA) have CTD’s.
No major updates of Win 10 or 11 on the last week.
Suddenly MSFS start to have CTD last Friday or Thursday to a lot of people (but no all).
I understand that it’s not easy to trace the problem and find a solution. The guy that find the issue deserves an extra bonus cash and a promotion…lol


It must be 100% a Server issue. Since last Friday not playable…every time CTD at different locations and with different planes. I have not changed anything since August 14th.
I hope Asobo can resolve this quickly because at the moment it’s just not usable!

As indicated before, i will try to make other flights on another server, my last “tiny” test was successful…

(For me) It’s not a driver issue. I had 6 CTDs over weekend after having maybe 1 in last 2 months or so. After the 4th CTD I upgraded to latest NVidia - 516.94 and then had another 2 CTDs.

I was flying Fenix on all 6 flights. I do not have PMDG installed at all. I have a ton of mods, none of which had caused any issue before Friday.

I use Navigraph including the ‘beta’ msfs navigraph update.
Flew using Real Time / Live Weather and Live Traffic for all 6 CTDs

All 6 CTD’s came after 45 - 60mins, either at CRZ or nearing CRZ. Flying in Europe on West Europe server.

Starting a flight now of around 2:30 hours with Fenix (TXKF CYYZ). All Online services disable and GSX removed. Anyway at this moment I’m sure that the issue is not GSX.

Tried that too, no difference, MSFS froze after 3 minutes, no CTD though.

So the following tested EU (west) server at each flight there is a crash to deskop. Switched server to Asia and there is no crash…

indeed crash problem on each flight between NZAA and YSCB over the Pacific and at any time, randomly, but impossible to cross after 4 tests and different runways I will try flight during a maximum of 1h30 in europe. never had a crash for two years! I am on the western europe server

Would be interesting to see what happens if you run that flight a 5th time but on a different server, say US or Asia

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I reckon it is the little patch that got released just prior to weekend when this all started I have a small patch upload on steam as soon as that was done it was CTD

Got a feeling the latch was something to do with the next update and it’s not working fully with the sim in present state.

Keeping my flights short (under 1hr) and local(ish) for now. Two flights tonight in the V35, no CTD’s seen. Using Navigraph a lot too. (wester europe server, data all on)
I may switch to do an airliner again tomorrow, but as others have said nothing worse than encountering a CTD an hour in after a long setup and flight planning etc.

ps. whoever recommended windows ‘reliability monitor’ thank you. I hadn’t even heard of it before now but its good for a system reliability overview of faulting apps over time. I had one faulting app I didn’t know about. If you haven’t used it yet go have a look.

why not, to see tomorrow and good luck to all, I drowned 4 times in the Pacific lol