Constant CTD every flight now (ntdll.dll)

at least for SE-asia i can confirm that the sim crashes, too


Just a reminder, as I can sort of understand people not wanting to read 1100 posts… To sum for those joining the thread, the CTD related to ntdll and the 005 error is being reported here regardless of setup so far, vanilla/Custom content win 10/11 beta no beta, multiple servers, steam/Xbox app… The only thing that seems to effecting everyone I can see is related to online connectivity somehow… But whatever you installed or updated or had for tea Friday is unlikely to be the cause… (I had Taco bell, that’s not causing my CTD’s… or is it :thinking: )


I have had CTD over the weekend and today flying PMDG 737 and FBW A320
But , I have had a flight of an hour over the weekend flying vfr in a C172 , two flights today with the same Cessna and no CTD, this was with live weather and AIG, all flights were over an hour , so just putting this out there , not sure why it’s ok in a stock Cessna but for payware tubeliners it crashes after 20 to 30 minutes , it’s not simlink or navigraph as I did tests on these flying IFR on simlink and just a random vfr a320 flight and both CTD
However flying the Cessna vfr was fine , no CTD
Weird or what , this was in the UK on the west Europe server

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Maybe we should add that . instead of being angry about the CTDs - we all should be happy and proud to be able to enjoy the making of the first episode of the blockbuster series ‘House of Code’…


S01E02 working title: ‘The Gamescon CTD’


3 flights today. 3 CTDs today.

Flight Location : VHHH-VTBS a32nx, a320, japan airlines livers, Flight time almost 2 hours, now started to approcah, had no crush yet.

3 ctds today, all in descent when I passed 5000 ft.

What aircraft was you flying?

Just want to chime in here, 2 flights today, first Fenix A320 from LSZH to LEBL all going well (had a CTD there yesterday evening) but return flight ended with CTD after take off LEBL at about FL 160. and yes ntdll.dll

doesn’t rly matter… the CTds happen with payware plens, GA, liners…

Try a VFR flight in a C172 , see if it crashes?

Ok , I’m not saying I found a solution, but if I fly the C172 I haven’t had a CTD, really bizarre

It’s just the stock Asobo C172

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Naw just a coincidence I flew it earlier today and got a CTD.

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Just to add I thought it was because I did an under volt on my gpu, but 3 hour long flights in the stock C172 went fine even with all mods in community folder
I’m really confused by it all
Will do more testing tomorrow if they haven’t fixed it by then


I know talking about the other CTD isn’t popular in this thread, but has anyone suffering this CTD type not started with a “memory can’t be read” CTD?

I’m just wondering if the two might be linked, by anything other than coincidence, and whether the memory read CTD might be causing the apparent corruption that is causing the ntdll.dll CTD?


Thanks, yeah I thought it was weird, probably if I did another vfr flight it will probably CTD , I’m just reporting what’s happening on my system

There is another thread for the “memory could not be read” CTD. Please keep this topic specific to the recent ntdll.dll crash.


Yeahh and it’s worth noting anything interesting you find even if it is a dead end because if everyone did start saying no issue in a 172 could lead to the start of finding a causation etc

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Ive done the under volting of my gtx 3070 and then back to video card out of the box settings same ntdlll crashes this weekend, never happened before Friday that we all can deduce now.

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It was just an enquiry that might have provided some useful information for the devs, but no worries if not.