Constant CTD every flight now (ntdll.dll)

I tried FS on Win11 but I was getting regular CTD when booting up or launching the game (before the current wave of CTD discussed in this thread). Do you have any apparent issues with FS and Win11?

This has repaired it for me. Successful flight Heathrow to Madrid. This flight previously crashed almost at ToD with the NTLDLL error.

Flying PMDG 737 700 with all live services enabled.

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what exactly you did to fix it?

Have to agree with some other posters on here, the CTDs stopped for me 12-24 hours before the fix advice was given and I’d already been following those processes without success before that, including the windows update part as I’d seen a mention of update confliction in a previous post. It seems to me a coincidence that the CTDs have been resolved for most at the same time the fix was issued.

Of course, if the fix is working for others, that’s fantastic! Regardless, it’s great to fly again CTD free and I really appreciate the constant feedback from the CM team on here, reassuring us the Devs were looking into it!


which is still a different thing than force a restart…

sorry but i shut down my pc every evening

Glauben macht Selig

Shut down <> restart.

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You don’t want to understand or I have disabled Fast Boot

Humour me.

A restart is required unless one has disabled fast boot. Simple. Yet still so difficult, it seems. Lol.


I have whole hibernation off, so also fastboot… and still Windows restart seemingly helped ( at least no issue after an restart, and not only after my daily shutdown )

I not understand why you not simple try “windows restart” and then share your feedback.

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Ah honestly, let 'm be. If you can’t follow simple instructions and advice about restart vs. shutdown, you shouldn’t be operating an A320 anyway. :man_shrugging:


I feel like let alone by support only given to the ntdll error. I did not have ctds for a long time but failed on every flight since Saturday. On these flights I have flown the same route Hamburg EDDH to Belast EGAA with PMDG 737-700 and always crashed over or leaving England short to descent. Most of them without any error message, one of them with memoryerror message. How is that possible if ntdll was such a very specific error? BTW, I use to restart my PC every single time before launching the app. Every time. My location is Germany. SU9, Win11, i710700k, 3090, 32GB RAM.

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I did the windows update. Recommended, it downloaded a security patch and all good again.

because the error disappeared by itself what kind of feedback do you want to hear ?

the question is only: is the windows restart helpfull :slight_smile:

Did you get again the “ntdll” error after restart, or not… thats what the important info is.

It likely disappeared because you have Fast Startup disabled, and you shut down every night.

Going back through your posts I don’t think you mentioned that you no longer have the issue. Thanks for the confirmation, and it is now understandable why you no longer have this issue.


I always disable Fast Boot and there were no updates available since this all started happening. But in any event, CTD’s have disappeared and even more importantly (as many others have commented) the performance of the sim is back to where it was before Friday. I’m sure something else was done behind the scenes. I spent 30 years in the IT industry and understand we may never know what was done under the covers, but it was certainly more than just all of us restarting our machines. Happy Flying!!!


Same story here, fastboot was disabled for as long as I can remember, windows updates were installed, only daily windows defender updates. PC gets fully turned off when not in use - my electricity bill is high enough :sweat_smile: Just completed 3h20m flight to Corfu with full online services, all perfect.


In the beta I deleted my rolling cache and then tried to spawn over a PG city without restarting MSFS … instant CTD with a strange error code.

“The description for Event ID 0 from source nvlddmkm cannot be found”