Constant CTD in VR

Hi all, i am experiencing constant CTD in VR (HP reverb G2 headset) and following the settings in this video.

can someone tell what the reasons may be?

Thanks for any ideas!

Have a look in the Windows Event Viewer / Applications.
Check who’s crashing.
You will usually see either the Flight Simulator app or the OpenXR layer crash details there.

Yes, it’s very frequent for many users. Everybody’s waiting for a fix. Can’t be soon enough…

thanks for your feedback, two questions, do i have to look under “windows logs - System”? and do i have to leave this window open in order to check which program is causing the CTD?
at the moment if i have a look at it, under windows logs - system, i just see many “warning” and “information” lines, nothing with “error”… but i am not sure if i am looking the correct setting, is the first time i use this :wink:

Usually in Windows Logs/Application. You may have to scroll down to locate one as many events may have been recorded since your last issue.
See below, an example - here, it was the OpenXR layer.

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