Constructive User feedback - squawks and bugs

Been flying every MSflight sim since 1988 and an a real world pilot here in BC, Canada.
Love the new edition, a massive leap forward and congratulations to the development team, simply awesome work. As a new release here are some issues noted to date:

  1. User documentation/help is very much lacking - even hyperlinks to this site. Simple tutorials and even Aircraft guides an links to POH’s are needed. Finding Configuration information, reference speeds and cockpit guides for supplied aircraft shouldn’t be so hard. Folks really want to fly, not google stuff.

  2. Ground vehicles and support - Great at large airports but not so much at smaller airports and with GA aircraft. I shouldn’t have to maneuver the DA40 round a push back tug at CZBB to taxi out as a default. Also lots of vehicles traveling down taxiways making you have to go through them or round them. A lot of us fly GA and this should be a simple fix.

  3. Taxiway edge lights lights in the middle of taxi-ways. Noted at a lot of GA airports, particularly at CYPK an CZBB

  4. Flight Planning needs a guide, and a bit more work. The ability to create and use user Waypoints so we can fly actual VFR routes in and out of GA airfields should be added. Also, adding established VRPs would be great. Also saving flight plans seems buggy, Sometimes I only get a load option when I press save/load

  5. Aircraft position Lat/long output for ForeFlight and similar GPS applications to track flights in real time should be easy to set up as a General config item as in P3D where it is just a checkbox item.

  6. Checklists need completing for all supplied aircraft - e.g. the DA40 only seems to have pre-engine start ones.

  7. simplify data storage management options. As a high data volume application we need to be able to configure scenery and other storage across multiple drives/locations. Make it easier for us to manage or change our data storage

  8. some bugs in the pause feature- doesn’t seem to fully pause - if not in stable level flight after more than a few seconds of pause in flight I get stall warning, and aircraft immediately stalls on resumption of flight

If some of this stuff is in there it, isn’t easy to locate. Anyhow that’s it for now, and I am sure other users can pitch in as they find issues.

Thanks for a great product so far. Love it. Can’t wait for the updates.



Regarding the pause issue: the solution is to not use the “active pause”, which is the default, but the full pause, which has to be assigned manually: [HOW-TO] How to actually PAUSE the sim!.

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some of your tips I’ve already sent to Zendesk bug reporting. For me most important is LOAD/SAVE flight plan. In this time it can be save/loaded only at init screen of flight but we know from experience that this can be known at runtime of flight, also FPL set. In this time not possible and in case of crash or want continue next day, not possible, also weather option can’t be changed and is disabled, BIG PROBLEM. I sent bug to have option save/load FPL any time during flight as is in other sims and then it can be ok. In case of not filled FPL, save is logically with empty FPL. Now during flight is impossible save FPL, only flight and in this case FPL is missing in case of load this flight after. Problem.

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Found a work-around for GPS out on the ForeFlight site:


Many Thanks - a very useful post. Ideally the pause function should freeze all movement and the clock but allow changes of camera views, cockpit systems, radios etc. As in earlier versions. Not really sure of the need for multiple pause functions?

As far as I know, keeping the environment alive during ‘active pause’ is meant to help with making that perfect screenshot…

Also discovered some weird scenery artifacts on the Seattle coast and near KFHR, and carb heat does not seem to be mappable to any control. Anyone found it?