Content Manager basic question

Here’s what might be a basic question: what is the roll of the content manager with community add-ons?

I was under the assumption that in order to “install” community add-ons that I simply dumped them into the community folder and MSFS2K would use them upon next launch.

Today I was asked to install something through the content manager and saw around 243 packages “Not Installed”. Most of them I thought worked fine, so to be safe I just selected all of them and clicked the “install” button.

My question is: is the content manager actually doing something additional? Do I need to go into that every time I copy an add-on to my community folder?

P.S. It didn’t actually “install” any of the community stuff, they are still marked as “Not Installed”. From a user point of view this is confusing. Am I understanding things incorrectly?

The Community addon showing as Not Installed in Content Manager issue was introduced in the 1.15.8 release. Even though it says “Not Installed”, the addons still work.

So I don’t need to use Content Manager at all? What’s it for then?

You don’t need to use it for addons you put in your Community folder but there are times when you need it to install or update official packages.

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