Content Manager Updates. 100% GPU usage

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Developer Mode: NO

During menu use the sim uses a lot of GPU resource. During the 13GB download from the content manger the sim pins a 3090 to the max. Hours of downloading with a pegging GPU is no ideal.

To repeat the issue. I update from the content manger.


Current 28/02

Repeating pattern for ref.

It’s now pegged at 100% and getting a little too warm in here. :unamused:

Too late now perhaps, but you could’ve used the Nvidia driver to limit background FPS to 20 or whatever. That’s what I did.

That’s not great overall as some background processes need to have resources. Tacview, discord, Navmap etc etc. I think the developers should stop basic menus pinning what is arguably one of the most powerful GPUs available today at 100%. If they can not, then they may need to look at a separate updating tool.