Content.xml not Regenerating

I recently deleted the content.xml file from my localcache and since restarting the sim the file has not regenerated. Is this due to SU10 or am I missing a step?

It was removed in SU10.

It is now handled in-game.

There is also a wish on this here:

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must be it was fired and by that way solved some problems of compatibility by give addons auto exclude policy, which in turn remove from game double trouble when one addon fight with another to set object, what kills performance. for me it’s look like that

However, if you have a Navigraph subscription it will generate one just for the Navigraph data.

What if I had a Navigraph subscription but not anymore and now cannot reinstate the MSFS-own navdatabase because deleting the file has no consequences?

I would assume it would still be the same,

Delete the file and delete the objects out of the Community folder?