Contents.xml and Addon linker

Hi: I started using addon linker to test scenery addons and I love it, it cuts so much loading time and I can get tons of different scenery tweaks!

I notice that all content that is loaded once ends up in the contents.xml file in the LocalCache folder.
Should I delete it every now and again so that it is ‘leaner’ (MSFS recreates it when you load it if it does not find it) or does it make absolutely no difference to leave it there to grow?

As far as I know. It makes no difference.

I delete mine every month or so. Whenever I make major addon changes.

Doesn’t seem to matter one bit. But I like a clean system, that just me LOL.

Perfect yes, I see myself deleting it now and again just for the sake of order even though it does nothing! Thanks!

I will add one thing I forgot earlier. There are 2 addons I have in my Community folder that for whatever reason will not show in-game properly (like missing hangers and textures) if they’re not listed at the TOP of the content.xml.

So - to be a bit more specific, I actually manage my content.xml in 3 parts:

  1. Top of list: all the addons that have trouble with their order in content.xml
  2. Middle of list: all the MSFS/Asobo addons in the OneStore folder.
  3. The end of the list: all the remaining addons that work fine no matter where they are, which is most of them.

What I do is delete the #3 part I listed above and let MSFS rebuild it when I delete/change addons.

I hope this helps.

Addon linker can handle the automatic deletion of content.xml. It is one of the hidden features, only available in the config file and not in the GUI.

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Cool, thanks, I’ll check out the config file

The configuration file is at C:\ProgramData\MSFS Addons Linker\MSFS_Addons_Linker.ini and you need to set this option to true

There’s a few other undocumented stuff in there if you wish to play

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There’s not much clearity how the sorting of the context.xml affects the sim. It seems to be relevant, which scenery is on what place. E.g. if the navigraph airac is placed wrong, it could interfere badly with scenery.

On the other hand MSFS just puts every new installed scenery at the bottom of the context.xml. And if you delete it and MSFS builds it again, it sorts the scenery kinda alphabetical (kind of).