Continuous CTDs... solved?

The bios is updated… It was the first thing I did ;).

Well… the system is stable with mem frecuency set to 5333MHz. The stress mem test is ok… no fail. If i rise the frecuency more than that, i get a fail test. So this must the reason becouse i had CTDs in msfs.

So… If i have some CTD now, the problem is from msfs, no my fault… I suppose… :roll_eyes:

Update! I had CTD :confused:

Buuut… I just read a thread about nvidia drivers 516.xx and problems in games with graphic cards GTX 10xx series (mine is a 1080Ti)…

May be this is my problem?? :thinking:

So I just install the nvidia driver 512.95 to see what happen… :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :pray:

I let you know…

Fail!! CTD!! :tired_face:
Tested with nvidia drivers 512.95, 512.77, 512.59 = CTDs!
of course, with new drivers 516.xx also CTDs!

I removed the MsiAfterburner too and nothing, CTDs as well.

So conclusion: the fault is not mine… it’s not my computer!
It is something that Microsoft and Asobo must to solve!

this is very frustrating! I’m very disappointed!

Please… Microsoft and Asobo, FIX these CTDs problems!!!

My PC:
Gigabyte Aorus Master Z690
i7 12700k
DDR5 64Gb (2x32)
GTX 1080Ti
Corsair HX1000
Windows 11

@Jarinawer what are your AI traffic settings? Do you have AI Offline traffic, Live Traffic or No Traffic?

I think that it was set to ‘IA Offline Traffic’…

Try turning the traffic slider down to 15%. Anything above 15% for me usually ends in CTD. Also try Live Traffic, although the behaviour of live traffic is abnormal

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Man! I think you’ve hit the nail on the head!! :smiley:

IA Offline Traffic = Off

I’ve spent an hour with the simulator trying to “break it” (entering to flight, changing cameras, exiting to the menu, flying again, etc) and it hasn’t given me any CTD!
And on top of that, the performance of my PC has increased… +15 fps! :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thank you so much!!! :+1: :raised_hands:

But I still don’t want proclaim a victory!.. I still don’t fully trust this msfs :roll_eyes:

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I approached CTD’s like this: I know how unstable AI traffic made FSX.
I had 1000’s of liveries and flight plans for AI traffic in FSX and when ever I had a CTD I could fairly easily find the cause being a problematic flight plan or livery.

I haven’t done much with flight plans and AI traffic in MSFS, but I have taken a look at how it works and the Offline AI Traffic system is virtually the same as FSX.

My personal opinion: “Bad” AI Traffic flight plans/data (like no destination, aircraft unable to do approach, unable to climb/descend to certain altitude, livery problem etc etc…) make MSFS CTD, or cause an error within the sim that makes it unstable and then something else causes a CTD.


an update…


- IA OFFLINE = CTD :frowning:
- REAL-TIME ONLINE = CTD :frowning:

with AIRCRAFT TRAFFIC TYPE in OFF… also CTD today!!! :rage: :rage:
this is very frustrating!!

I just had the CTD blues for a bit and the cure was turning off online functions, spawn in and then turn them back on again (weather and traffic) then back in main menu turned players on too and it works fine again?

I did nothing I know of to cause a change, just all of a sudden blink hey there’s my desktop?

That generally was the case earlier (and in Betas too), but in this specific case, the CTDs are definitely not coming from AI traffic. I have it disabled for months now and still had my first CTD yesterday. Ground aircraft/vehicles/staff always set to 0 as well.
Another streamer I was flying with on Friday had only multiplayer aircraft on, no additional liveries, set traffic to generic and still CTDed.

This is clearly not the casual CTD occurrence where old suggestions might work. This is something different.

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I think I already found the cause of the problem:

It is a mix of a bad management of the RAM by msfs2020 & my DDR5 settings in BIOS.

My PC has DDR5 64Gb (2x32) 5600MHz…

Adjusting DDR5 settings in BIOS (F8, last update):

  • If I set DDR5 to XMP Profile 1 5600MHz CL40 1.25v:
    Aida64 stress test mem = Fails; of course msfs Fails too.
    (This annoys me because I bought memories at 5600MHz and they shouldn’t fail :angry:)

  • If I set DDR5 @ 5333MHz CL32 1.30v:
    Aida64 stress test mem = OK; mentest86 = OK; other games = OK; but msfs Crash!

  • If I set DDR5 @ 5333MHz CL32 1.35v:
    Aida64 stress test mem = OK; mentest86 = OK; other games = OK; but msfs Crash!

  • If I set DDR5 @ 5333MHz CL36 1.35v:
    Aida64 stress test mem = OK, memtest86 = OK; other games = OK; msfs looks like works OK… but I need to try it more.

  • Next step: set DDR5 to XMP Profile 2 5200MHz CL40 1.25v or even Profile 3 4800MHz CL38 1.1v:
    I think have already testing these DDR setups and they should never fail with anything!
    (But before, of course, I am trying to get the most out of those DDR5 memories… for that reason to squeeze them to the maximum trying to rush them and without failing in any situation)

This may be useful if you have CTDs: try to lower the Frequency and/or increase the Latency of your DDRs in BIOS… this may be the problem of some CTDs in msfs2020.

I’ll update the thread when I do more testing…

(sorry my english)

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I never had CTD issues in MSFS, so it is weird that now many simmers are encountering continuous CTD’s. So, it must be something related to MSFS, not individual computers. Everything points to ONLINE DATA and MSFS servers for Real AI Traffic, Live Weather, Photogrammetry, BING Data, etc., but there could be something else that MSFS is injecting and is causing instability in the simulator.

BIOS up to date?

Latest - F8 dated 12.08.2022

  1. Checksum : 6B75
  2. Supports and powers up Intel next generation processor
  3. Include Intel® Core™ i9-12900KS Processor support
  4. Improve compatibility for DDR5 5600MHz 8G
  5. Improve compatibility for DDR5 6000MHz 16G
  6. Improve compatibility for DDR5 5600~6400 MHz
  7. Improve Kingston 8G/32G DDR5 issue
  8. Improve Gskill 6000 DDR5 issue

the BIOS is updated… F8.
all test I did and I do is with that new bios.
and my DDR5 @ 5600MHz does not work at that frecuency :frowning:

I also did sfc \scannow with no errors… nothing to repair…
still with CTDs :frowning:

The beta BIOS available?

Same… CTD , im tired of it…