Continuous sim blocks

Today I took a flight and after downloading 16 megs of which I do not know what the sim is for, he did nothing but
stuck in the final part has been stuck for a long time … too long in flight of the micro blocks does not
pug fly like this

Todays update was for the AIRAC cycle.

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I do not think it is for the airac if so I have no words and think that yesterday it worked well but it did not last long

The download today (when you launched the sim and there was a 16MB updated) was the latest AIRAC update.

so yesterday that it worked perfectly I have to think that it got worse with the airacs?

I’m not saying they are related, I am just answering the part of your original post about not knowing what todays update was.

ok yes thanks

frankly I must say that at first I thought of buying all the airports that would be released on the sim but after two years I still see these things and no longer be able to fly without prolonged blocks, honestly, the desire to buy some airports on a sim that does not work and I must say that I feel disheartened I do not even have the strength to fight so I announce that I will no longer buy anything, airplanes, airports and nothing else of the sim it is not worth throwing money at it for now maybe in 10 years (although I don’t know where I will be in 10 years) let’s hope for the best.

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