Contrails in VR

Hi Asobo… please activate the contrails in VR. If you are thinking, it would be to heavy for the machines… make it selectable. Most users, that use VR with MSFS, do not have potatoes as computers. And let the simmers decide, if they need or want to trade in anyting else for contrails.

Because contrails are helping to see other planes from far a distance and so make the feeling of loneliness less prominent in the VR world. It would make the world more living. This is just a click in your engine settings, to make the already existing contrails visible even in VR. So do that click. It won`t hurt you, guys. But make the VR experience more realistic.


How do you even turn these on for regular flat screen?
I’ve been looking through all the settings and I can’t seem to find them anywhere.

I’m sure I seen the contrails while in VR a while back when they were released. Will have to double check next time I’m in the sim. Are you sure they don’t already work in VR?

Ok, when I fly in 2d and can see one ore more planes with contrails on screen, then enter VR, the contrails are gone. Maybe it is a certain setting neccessary for this, but then I did not yet manage to find out, which one…

I never had to do any special setting for contrails, they just came up, after the last sim update… With my 3090 my 2D settings are almost ultra, so the contrails are there. But for my 8kx I have to reduce my settings for VR. And I could not yet manage to find out, what setting would give me contrails in VR. Maybe anyone can shed some light here?

Today after installing the Nordics update I did actually see contrails on another aircraft in cruise. I was “outside” of the plane looking at the plane coming toward me. As it passed. contrails suddenly appeared, as if it just flew into another dimension. It was very cool to see.