Control engine volume when external?

Can we have the ability to control the engine volume when in the cockpit separately when on external camera, please? Current it’s a single setting for all engine volume and all cameras. I like the engine volume when inside the cockpit but when external it’s too loud to be comfortable, though I do understand the engine would really sound louder when outside but sure that if I was as close to the aircraft as the external view normally is I’d wear ear defenders.

Well said. Also, don’t buy the Seminole until you have said ear defenders.

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On most aircraft, sound insulation is quite good at muffling the sound of the engine. However, if you switch to a third-person view, a loud noise immediately hits you.

I think we should adjust the volume for the first-and third-person view. One way is to let the engine volume be set separately in the cockpit and for views outside.

Within the cockpit, you can already do this by changing the headphones setting to simulate Noise Cancelling Headsets.

I agree, the external view could use some turn down, but that’s sort of been the case since previous FS versions.

I am completely satisfied with the noise inside the cab, but the transition from quiet noises and shaking to the roar of the engine should be more pleasant. I actively play War Thunder and there is no such problem.