Control of ATC menu with 4 keys only (Up / Down / Select / Back)

Fiddling around with the numeric keys is really a pain, especially in VR where you can’t see your keyboard. It would be much easier to control the ATC menu with 4 (customizable) keys: Up / Down / Select / Back

I think its function is self-explanatory:

  • Select – brings up the ATC-menu and/or executes the selected menu-item
  • Back – jumps back one step in command-structure or closes the ATC-menu
  • Up/Down – moves the menu-selection up and down

With this option you could control the whole ATC-menu with one single 4-way hat switch on your Joystick or HOTAS.

I was just about to post the same thing, and saw this post. I’m actually surprised there aren’t more votes for this!

Has this been implemented yet? I find ATC selection a nightmare in VR! I use a mini keyboard and trying to select airports further away is impossible as I move the mouse curser to the option (9) but they options constantly jump when I go to press them, so instead of pressing option 9 it ends up selecting option 7 or 8. It’s absolutely maddening!