Control Options Lockable vs unlockable?

I’m trying to understand the difference between controls that are labelled with and without (lockable). Does anyone know what this means?

Control Options>Camera>Cockpit Camera
Zoom cockpit view vs Zoom cockpit (lockable)

Control Options>Miscellaneous
Cockpit interaction - primary vs Cockpit interaction - primary (lockable)

There are numerous examples like these above, it’s a shame there doesn’t seem to be any documentation explaining the difference. Anyone figured this out? Thanks

I use the Lockable Zoom and bind it to my scroll wheel. The “lockable” part means you hold a button down to be able to use that function. So in order for me to zoom my camera I have to hold right mouse click down, then use scroll wheel. Its nice so i don’t accidently zoom in or out while trying to adjust avionics knobs and such.

Thanks, how do you bind whatever you need to hold to use that function? So say only zoom with scroll wheel when locked with right mouse click down, what’s the corresponding control that you set for right click down? Thanks again.

So i’m not 100% sure on this, but I think the keybinds that have “(Hold)” at the end of them are the buttons that you hold to change the “(Lockable)” actions.

So in the first picture, I have the Toggle Cockpit View Freelook (hold) set to right mouse click, which effects the Zoom Cockpit (Lockable).

So while using the hold right mouse click, the scroll wheel will adjust the lockable zooms.

Honestly, it’s not very well explained. I haven’t played around with it too much, other than setting up zooms that worked only when holding a button. Not sure if you can do more with the system.

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As far as I understand it it‘s only of value if you want to use the mouse to look around so you can basically say that when using the „lock“ button (right click in xour case) the mouse doesn‘t work as a view system anymore but as a switch controller. With an xbox controller it would mean that you look around with one of the thumb sticks and if you press the lock button you can utilize the cursor as a finger so to say.

If you for example use a hatbutton or any head tracking it‘s rather disturbing and should be set to „legacy“.

Cheers for the screenshots, it is a bit of a mess I think partly due to the naming and descriptions of the controls (“Toggle the lock/unlock of the cockpit view lockable eyepoint controls” - my head hurts just from reading that :sweat_smile:) but also to be fair it does get quite complicated rather quickly. I’ve found there can be multiple toggles (in green) for lockable controls (in red). It’s a shame the descriptions don’t simply state what the toggles are even if unassigned. COCKPIT INTERACTION - PRIMARY ACTION (LOCKABLE) I haven’t been able to find what is the toggle for this and a few other lockable controls.

I think you might be right it does seem to be all about views, cockpit interactions and sharing a control between the two modes.