Controller mapping stuck at Default

Trying to get back into flight sim after many years, and quickly remembering that it quickly becomes 80/20 split between solving issues and actually flying anything.

I fixed the CTD issues (RAM speed), but now I’m having issues mapping my controls.

I’ve installed through Game Pass and using a Thrumstmaster 1600 and Saitec Quad, not using Developer Mode.

I’ve created new controller profiles, but I’m not able to use them or select them after loading up a flight.
It’ seems to be stuck on the Default profile.

My settings in Profile Manager:

What I see when loading a flight:
Basic Controls

I’m not able to browse though my other profiles from here.

Hoping this is just me that’s missed something basic…


Do you have the preset manager displayed at the bottom of the screen?
If so, you need to click “Go Back” at the bottom of the page

Thanks for the feedback.

Not sure what you mean by this, I do have that option when configuring, but I do use the Go back button after.
For info, the profile itself is always there in the configuration from options, it’s selecting it after starting a flight that is the problem. I’ve attached two full screen views , maybe that would be clearer.

I’ve indicated the button I’m trying to use to show the other profile, but it does nothing.

Ok, I didn’t realize you were trying to use a controller to do so.
To the best of my knowledge, there is no command to do that other than by using the mouse.

Think I’m explaining this badly.
The problem is that when clicking (with the mouse) I’m not seeing the other profile i created so that the controlled mapped in this is not active when flying.

You can’t change the profile once you are in the flight using the in-game menu at the top. I have no idea why, it’s silly to have it there when it doesn’t do anything, but to change controller profiles you have to go into the pause menu, then control options, then pick new profiles, and go back into your flight.

Ok, I didn’t realize how you were accessing them.
Thanks BigCow74, for figuring that part out, you are indeed correct.
Hit “ESC” on the keyboard and you will have access.

Thanks! A bit misleading with that option there then.
Then I’m on to my next issue :slight_smile:

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I have tried everything and I can’t get it off default. My throttle is still reversed and when it does throttle up it is in reverse thrust. I try to change to a different controller mapping but it only allows the default mapping. I have been flying msfs since the mid-90s and this is the most frustrating problem I have ever had. I have a Saitek x52 and I have been using that since 2000. It seems to be a bud and I want the developers to know about it. It’s almost like when trying to select a different basic controls screen at the top of the screen it can’t see or change profiles.

You are not alone. I have this exact problem and it is driving me crazy and my MSFS is up-to-date as of today July 3, 2022. I have been flying msfs since version fs9, fsx and I have never seen a problem like this before. Come on MS, please fix it. I can create new profile and map all the button that I wanted but MSFS would not let me choose the new profile. It always stuck at the default profile.

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