Controller Profile Location

I would like to backup my controller profiles but I do not see a built in option. I don’t want to lose these when the updates are released.

  1. Does anyone know the file extensions for the controller profiles?

  2. Does anyone know where they are located?

I’d like to make copies as I have spent a good amount of time setting up my Alpha Yoke and Saitek throttles (not recognized by MSFS).

They are stored online in the Xbox servers, they come right back fully intact if you ever have to re-install.


But is there a way I can save them myself?

Personally, I don’t like the fact Microsoft forces you to have an account to use the simulator. If I had known this before I installed it I would not have made the purchase. If anyone knows of a way to use the simulator without needing to be logged in please let me know.

The ability to share profiles would be awesome.

I agree but if they’re only stored on the XBox servers I imagine that would make it difficult if not impossible to share.

Not what I wanted to hear, LOL. I have it installed on my desktop and laptop. I use my Stream Deck for both computers and it would be a shame if I had to do the button layouts twice.

What I continue to find shocking is the lack of support by MS in some of the forums. I still don’t see an answer to my question on how to perform my own backup. Let’s face it, MS track record and support is not good. Why must we depend on other customers for support and solutions? While I’m thankful for other users help I fail to understand why MS thinks that is support.

Anyway, if there’s no way to perform your own backup then once again MS shows how they do not want users to have any control of their own PC. Over the years I’ve learn one important lesson: I don’t trust Microsoft. I do wish someone would design a sim specifically for the PC that would combine P3D and XPlane without requiring software that tracks everything single thing you do.

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I have been unable to save my joystick profile from day one. Neither MS (no reply) or Aerosoft can tell me why.

I think they need a way to allow us to delete mistake profiles or they just pile up. If a user makes a mistake and it is shared with XBOX, well that could cause issues.

{I have been unable to save my joystick profile from day one. Neither MS (no reply) or Aerosoft can tell me why.}

So what I have seen is when I clect the input box and press the button to assign, it shows up, then it is validated. But it did not work. So I just select from a list most of time

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This can’t be true!! After the last two updates, all controller profiles were changed!! Our profiles we had created were still there, but had to be reconfigured. Many things had changed!! Such as trim being added to keyboard commands which had been deleted previous of the update. Look commands being added to joystick buttons, which were not there before. Sensitivities were changed. Etc, etc. etc.

So something is amiss if the profiles are loaded in the XBox servers.

I am having the same issue and it is a real pain. I have different profiles such as for single piston, single turboprop, twin jet, etc. and for some reason, the keep “cross pollinating”. I then have to go back in and re-configure them. Not sure if it happens each time there is an update. It would be nice to be able to keep copies somewhere and then restore them when the originals get borked.

Please submit a Zendesk ticket. I have, and will continue to do so until they figure this out. They stated it’s not possible to happen. I told them their cloud must have been hacked. They don’t believe me and now want picture proof. So be it!!

I don’t think your stream deck will be impacted.

I don’t even see my stream deck listed in the controller list. (That said, with stick, rudder pedals, 2 throttles - one of them virtual split to 3 throttles, plus keys and mouse all taking up space on that list I don’t think I would ever have seen it even if it is up there. Such an odd design choice to list each different peripheral and have to select each one to map a function.)

Hi all,
I know the topic is old but the problem is not.
It has happened to me more than once, the last one yesterday, that I have put my simulator on and the controls are messed up, having to reassign them wasting time foolishly.
I was going to create a new thread but when I see that this one is there I prefer not to do it yet and take advantage of this already created one.

Is there really no way to save your driver profile? really?

Apparently not. You may want to consider a different simulator as they have the ability to save profiles/mappings so that you can select any you have created. Or use as a backup in case something happens to the current mappings.

Good luck.

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